Date: 2010-04-27 12:05 am (UTC)
bluefall: bluescale wonder woman (Wonder in bluescale)
From: [personal profile] bluefall
Wary, sure, he'd be wary. He'd also realize that a) this is a person of authority and status, and b) this is a person who might be able to help me if I'm in danger. He wouldn't automatically assume "she's gonna cut me," and he certainly wouldn't pick a fight with her, as he might with an unarmed woman.

And from her perspective, well... she's a diplomat. The people who she needs to talk to, the people she needs to make an impression on in order to enact change, are the kings and generals. She needs to have their respect and she needs them to see her as an equal. Not as a laborer, trader, or farmer - Theseus would be rightly skeptical of an envoy claiming to represent a powerful and wise nation who showed up without even a dagger to protect her on the road, much less the ornaments and insignias (read: arms and armor) of authority.
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