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Wonder Woman #43 Preview

PG's boob window? It's empowering or a symbol placeholder or something.
Helena's bare abs? She worked out a lot.
Wonder Woman's whole ensemble?

It has been explained before with the Diana Trevor story, though I guess a tip of the hat to a woman who gave her life to aid them wasn't good enough. Really drilling that in with Hippolyta wearing the flag in the scene right before this yet dropping the connection in favor of some coincidental weather and a few stars that might be Cassiopeia.

For a moment there I almost thought this was closer to the present day, ignoring the sudden break in the story, and they might actually be trashing the swim suit in favor of something less ridiculous.

Silly, optimism. Sensible clothing is for kids* (and men).

*If you know of something that contradicts this, please don't tell me. I don't want to know.
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No, he'd instantly recognise that "This is a person with a sword, when I do not have one", their societal status would be a secondary consideration compared to the big sharp cutting thing. And someone not picking a fight without you solely because you're armed is not a good grounding for peaceful communication.

And wearing a weapon to meet a king is a definite grounds for care and consideration. Usually it's limited even amongst their own subjects for obvious security reasons. Bearing that in mind, just try having an unknown person from an unrecognised country walk in on the President of the USA whilst carrying a deadly weapon, and see how far they'd get before it'd be assumed they were hostile and appropriate action taken.