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3 Scans from Supergirl 19

Alright, so back when I posted some Tim/Cassie stuff these two were actually mentioned a few times by people and I really do miss them so I thought I'd post some stuff with Cassie and Kara.

By the way I totally love the way the They deal with who gets the chores. My family should start this... It would make things more interesting.

So they totally look like they're kissing in the shadow's right? And Kara certainly likes the raccoon makeup. Not that I have any room to talk because I do too. :)

I was going to also post that part from Teen Titans when Cassie went to go see Kara and they apologized to each other for fighting but my scanner is being stupid so I can't. Also sorry the quality is a tiny bit crappy, I'm blaming that on my scanner too. Sad. Either way I love these two, friends, lovers, I don't care. I love them.

Suggested Tags: char: supergirl/kara zor-el, char: wonder girl/cassie sandsmark, creator: joe kelly, creator: ale garza, group: teen titans, publisher: dc comics, title: supergirl
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Awww that icon is soooo cute!

He does look like he's facepalming. That explosion does look lethal, but I guess since it's Cassie and Kara it's........ok.....? (Still totally rude, but then again, Rose!) I guess I don't understand why Rose seems to get a pass on this kind of stuff and others (coughJasoncough) don't? (Granted, I don't count his behaviour in BftC since it was ....well, I don't have good words for it)
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And I mean Kon and Kara aren't *technically* cousins b/c he's a clone, right? So.... THREESOME!

Yeah, but she's still allowed on the team despite having done some *questionable/"non-heroic"* things, right?

I guess the thought is that the team will help Rose get ...better? Idek....
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Having done all my quibbling, I have to say I really like the interaction between Kara and Cassie. That *whump* when Kara pounces Cassie is soooo cute.