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I look forward to two things at the start of the month. My paycheque, and new Batman and Sons strips

Next week is Mothers Day for American type mothers.... (The UK had ours weeks ago) so consider this suitable advanced warning. You have no excuse for forgetting to send a card now!!

Remember this heartbreaking little scene from last years Mother's Day strip? Well this is the "What happened next"

If you can, give your mum's a call folks. If you can't, well, memories are good too.

And we also have the follow up to THIS scene...

Who's the culprit? Who has the picture?

I KNEW it! :) So we have Dick and Jason in collusion, and TIM being the one with the incriminating proof! The bird boys... they're sneaky!

But wait, there's more.....

I'm sure there's context for this, but I'm not sure I care what it is

And here we have perhaps a logical extension of Batman and Sons.... Wonder Woman and Sisters!

I adore Cassie's expression (I have a niece who can give that exact same look, and when she does... RUN), and also love Roy in the background!

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Yep, tis why Wally looks so astonished. A Wonder indeed.
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I'd be surprised too if I saw someone with gravity defying tits. In real life those suckers were would tucked into her belt.