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I was thinking of fulfilling benicio127's request for more scans of Dick as Batman from PRODIGAL, but as I only bought the Two-Face-centric issues for my last post, there wasn't much that seemed worth posting.

For the most part, it's just Dick!Bat doing typical Batman vs. criminals stuff with little in the way of characterization to distinguish him from Bruce. He reads more like a young, less angry Bruce than Dick Grayson. I'd hoped to find the first issue with Croc for any notable moments, but I've lost the issue somewhere in my collection.

That said, I did find two which I hope will suffice for now. The first is from SHADOW OF THE BAT #33, while the other is the storyline's conclusion in ROBIN #13, wherein family matters are hashes out.

Due to the machinations of Two-Face, a riot has broken out at Blackgate Prison.

The prisoner leading the riot calls out Batman for a fight, and Dick swoops in.

So yeah, Dick has the Batman pants-shitting-terror thing down pat. But then, he already had it in an earlier scene by the same creative team, which I included in the PRODIGAL post. Keep this in mind when we get to tomorrow's Two-Face Tuesday post, focusing on Judd Winick's take on Dick becoming Batman. Again.

Dick's first time around was, of course, short-lived. Because after all, Bruce had to come back eventually. But that didn't mean he'd be welcomed back with open arms. (Note: the random captions are from Tim's subplot invading this one)

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creator: chuck dixon
creator: alan grant
creator: phil jimenez
creator: bret blevins

Date: 2010-05-04 07:15 am (UTC)
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Well, yeah, but the guy wasn't exactly in the most lucid frame of mind when he made that decision. He'd just had his back snapped by Bane after a hellishly long time spent battling a succession of dangerous lunatics while his city burned around him; he was rolling in a sea of pain, shock, exhaustion, guilt, self-pity and self-loathing for not being better, not to mention, of course, being doped up on painkillers. He was NOT in a fit state of mind to make ANY sort of important decision, let alone one that vital, but he made it anyway - and tried to stick by it afterwards. It's no wonder the whole thing fell apart.


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