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Lately, with all of the other Archie posts, the question was raised, "Was Archie always a Christian dickweed?".
The answer is NO, he's usually a secular dickweed.

from BETTY AND VERONICA #39, November 1958

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I kind of want to see Regular Archie get in a fight with Christian Archie. That would be interesting.

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Man, what a DICK. Why is Betty so dumb as to keep following a jerk like that? She's so much better than him! ;_;

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Geez, look at Betty in that splash panel. If Archie was a real teenager, he'd have her up in his room before the dust settled.

But the three of them are trapped in a timeless purgatory where no progress is ever made and nothing is ever settled. I've always thought that if Archie or Betty or Veronica ever got an inkling that they've been playing musical heartbreak since the 1940s, never getting older or wiser, it would be a horrifying revelation worthy of an EC story.

What if this *were* a Spire Archie story?

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Archie: Don't be sinful, Betty! It's too licentious at the beach! I say Bible study!

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I confess I've never once seen the appeal of the Archie characters. They're just so... dull and lifeless. And the main character sets my teeth on edge.

It's the same sort of thing as "Everybody Loves Raymond", where the main character is flat and irritating, but is surrounded by people who either love him for no obvious reason, or are such extreme caricatures they're almosy universally beyond caring about.

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Oh Archie, you don't know how much I want to smash your stupid redhead humanity against a wall.

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Oh that archie such a lovable jerk, I'm surprise none of the girls haven't snap yet with all the run around that still happens with him.

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*Looks at Veronica's dress*

I think I own that napkin set.

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So this is why Betty and Veronica are always getting together in fanfic; Archie is like Oliver Queen without the interesting facial hair.

Lantis or Eagle > Betty or Veronica

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This is why I have never understood how any girl could ever read and enjoy Archie. Two gorgeous babes hurl themselves repeatedly at a bland dweeb for no discernable reason: does that sound like a FEMALE fantasy? NO.

It does sound familiar though: the plot of every shounen harem series Japan ever pumped out.

Girls, sweeties, to the five of you who haven't already figured this out: SHOUJO MANGA. Here, go ahead, you can borrow some of mine. CLAMP, Yuu Watase, whatever. Remember, the choice of Brunet or Blond should be YOURS, not his.

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and there's more to the situation.

Image (

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This sort of thing is why I don't bother with Archie comics anymore. I used to get them because the stories tended to be so bad they were adorable and actually could be pretty fun. I remember at least two stories in which Archie was a decent human being (neither of which involved the girls, incidentally). Plus, Jughead. But the Love Triangle is just too freaking much. I always preferred the stories that were about Betty and Veronica, or had Betty dating Jughead or Reggie or Dilton or even Jason Blossom.