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This is a follow up to my earlier post on Black Alice here. The character's background can be looked at there, as well as most of her earlier looks. This post has the most interesting ones I didn't post there (as I hadn't yet read that issue). I'd actually intended to wait a couple more months until she'd had a few more appearances, and thus a few more outfits, but I changed my mind.

OK, let's start with the appearance I didn't include last time...Reign in Hell. Now, I never read Reign in Hell past issue 2...the only reason I have the rest is for Lori's appearances, so...I ended up disappointed. While she apparently takes multiple powers...her powers apparently don't work like they're supposed to. She only has one outfit. This one:

Which...isn't bad, I guess, but it's not really Lori, yeah? (And she's in Hell! Working for Satanus! She should have a much more awesome outfit than that!)

So, let's move on to the more Black Alice-y looks, then.

Next up, a couple revisited looks, because they don't look like they did before...

First, from the Suicide Squad Blackest Night special, written by Simone and Ostrander, art by Calafiore...Giganta! (Did I mention my love of giantesses?)

Much better than in Helm of Fate....at least on the 'looking Alice-y' front. (I like to think that Gail, having seen my previous post and complaint therein about how un-Alice the Giganta design in Helm of Fate was put a note in her script for Calafiore saying 'make her more Alice-y'. >_>) The torn 'nets, I really like...Calafiore seems to skip that part an awful lot. This is the only time she has them under his pencil.

And, Nightshade, from Secret Six 17:

Looks good...the changes are a little subtle, but it's a good merger of Alice and Nightshade's looks. I do prefer the version from BoP, I admit. Calafiore's art gets a lot of criticism, and I'm not a big fan of his stuff...but he really does Alice well. Just look at that grin. (I think the men get the worst of the problems I have with his art.)

On the other end of the scale, here's Alice channelling Dr Occult:

It's, again, a bit disappointing - I'd have liked it if they'd used Alice's colours, and tattered her jacket a bit more, but...it's not bad.

And, finally, a full page from the same issue (I WAS only going to include the panel of the costume, but...then I decided to include the whole exchange. Proof that Gail is not immune to the lure of an absolutely horriffic pun. A bit after the above, Alice randomly decides to wig out...over the most bizarre thing:

Yes. You did just see what you think you did. Oh, Lori...I love you, but even if Scandal were straight...it's Ragdoll, girl...I'm pretty sure you're the only one after him.

Uhm...the Etrigan look, yes. It's a good mix. What I find really neat is Alice's hair flaring to suggest Etrigan's ears.

A shorter installment of The Many Looks this time, but...a fun one.
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