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The New Titans #90 Total Chaos Part 2 (Now working)

Been a while since the last bit, sorry about that. I'll try to go through the arc quickly now that school's more or less done.


Dick catches on that if Starfire was being impersonated that Mirage (the impersonator) must be going after Donna and like they say Titans, assemble!

On the way to save Donna however Killowatt of the Team Titans slows them down a bit.

The team of course gets out fine though Red Star crashes with the helicopter, coming out unscathed. Meanwhile Deathstroke beats up the leader of an underground gang of mutated folk and becomes their new leader, I'm cutting it out of necessity but it was amusing. Though he simply says he'll give them freedom (they were in essence slaves to the leader) in exchange for some help.

And Lord Chaos goes to try ensuring his birth.

Why yes, even Deathstroke likes her costume.

Mirage thens goes on to free Redwing from her "prison" and also for absolutely no reason I can understand giving Redwing a new outfit (one which I'm not a big fan of)

Cue Deathstroke mid costume change

"Damnit I'm Terra, not that Terra. I just look exactly like her and have the same powers. What's so hard to understand about that? Umm, DC editorial? Why do you look like you're gonna do something to me in a couple of years?

After some trouble the New Titans finnally show up in force to try saving Donna and of course chaos ensues.

Man the writers just didn't try to make anything Lord Chaos said not sound incesty, did they?

Edit: Can't figure out what's wrong with the images so I've switched to a different site but since I know photobucket is against it can anyone suggest another place to put the images?                                                   

, , , , creator: Tom Grummett, , , , , , , , , , char: deathstroke/slade wilson
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I believe George Pérez was the first to draw him, and when George Pérez gets first dibs on a character (At least back then) that character is gonna get POOFY hair! It's the law!