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I promised to post the first team-up between Captain America and Captain Britain from Captain Britain vol. 1 #16-27 and here is the first part covering #17-20. Sadly due to the Captain Britain issues being so short (most of the content was reprints of old issues from various series) I'm only going to be able to post the cover and 2 and 1/3rd pages from each issue.

Captain Britain #16:

At the end of the previous issue Brian almost had his mask off Dai Thomas. At the beginning of this one Steve interrupts and Brian decides to try and get on the Thomas' good side by fighting him.

After a short cut to Red Skull being a voyeur we're back to the fight:

Steve gets out of trouble by showing Thomas papers saying he's under orders from SHIELD and that the British CID know about it. He also has orders to get Captain Britain's help so Thomas is forced to let both go. Steve is investigating the Braddock manor after the super-computer Mastermind went crazy in a previous issue.

Captain Britain #17:

They get to the bottom of the manor only to be trapped:

Captain Britain #18:

The Captains are knocked out by the gas but wake up later and manage to escape when Brian uses the third button on his staff for the first time. They reach the Red Skull:

While this team-up has been going on Nick Fury has been working with Tod Radcliffe, a member of STRIKE the British equivalent of SHIELD. Right now they're heading towards the Braddock manor in a jet. Radcliffe turns out to be traitor and drops a bomb as the Skull teleports out.

Captain Britain #19:

A couple of days later after a funeral, Nick Fury returns to the Helicarrier:

Captain Britain #20:

The next issue opens with the two Captains walking by the side of the road with no explanation to how they survived. They reach where the Red Skull is keeping Jaime and Betsy:

(They never end up explaining how they survived)

And on that cliffhanger Part 1 is done.

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Date: 2010-05-22 03:17 pm (UTC)
halialkers: Morgoth raising Grond, hammer of the underworld (Melkor)
From: [personal profile] halialkers
I'm wondering what happened to the Red Skull during Operation Paperclip now......

Date: 2010-05-23 12:15 am (UTC)
From: [personal profile] cricharddavies

He was underground duirng that period. Literally. While attempting to escape from Berlin during its fall, he and Captain America had a final fight that resulted in him being trapped underground and exposed to a chemical that put him in suspended animation for decades.


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