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First of all, because this deserves to not get lost in comments:
What if ESB had been made 60 years ago, not 30?

And now, on with our show.

The chapter begins with the recently-promoted Admiral Piett grumbling about the riff raff tracking mud all over his nice clean bridge.

In many ways, the growth of Boba Fett from one-off character to memetic unkillable badass parallels that of Wolverine. Check out the first appearances of both (if you can stand to watch the Holiday Special).

Back on Dagobah, Luke's lesson in balance and telekinesis is interrupted when he notices that his X-wing is sinking deeper into the swamp, and loses his concentration. Yoda tells him to lift it out. He gives it the old college try, but...

"You want the impossible," Luke wearily complains.
Cue the impossible.

"I don't believe it."
"That is why you fail."

(And for your further enjoyment, here's John Williams' score for this scene, which makes it even more magical.)

The Millenium Falcon finally manages to evade Imperial pursuit and sets off for Bespin, where Han knows a guy. Soon afterward, during another exercise, Luke has troubling visions:

Arriving at Cloud City, Han renews his acquaintance with an old friend, Lando Calrissian.

He actually turns out to be friendly - very friendly, especially to Leia. But for all his charm, she still has her suspicions... concerns shared by Luke, who can't keep the vision out of his head and wants to rush off to rescue his friends. Yoda and the ghost of Ben Kenobi try to persuade him not to go, but his mind's made up. Sensing this, they offer what advice they can: don't give in to hate, and be mindful of what he's learned.

Cryptic, hm? Who could Yoda possibly be referring to? (This wouldn't be answered - as in, not even the writers knew - until the third movie. Another thrown-in line. But in hindsight, it makes for a lovely juxtaposition.)

Leia is proven right when the dinner party that Lando leads them to has an unexpected and most unwelcome guest of honor.

"I'm sorry too."

(Vader's calm, polite invitation is one of his most badass moments in a movie full of them.)

Some time later, after Han's spent a while on the rack and Chewbacca's been subjected to painful noises, Lando explains the Dark Lord's plan.

The process they intend to use to capture Luke is untested. Han is picked to be the guinea pig. Chewbacca objects to this, and has to be talked down before he gets himself killed.

(For all of the attention that the romance between Han and Leia gets, including in the very next set of scans, I thought it was important to show the bond between these two as well.)

And now, the Famous Declaration:

This exchange owes everything to Ford's improvisation. Like his intercom bluff in A New Hope and just shooting the swordsman in Raiders of the Lost Ark because he was sick that day, this was an ad-lib: after many takes where he was supposed to reply with some mostly-forgotten line, his tired "I know" turned out to be a rough gem that could be polished to brilliance with a better delivery. Who knows if the original line would have had nearly the same impact?

20 pages + cover out of an 80+ page volume.

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Like I said, maybe if Luke doesn't show up they rescue Han. They did just barely miss Fett taking off with him. Its the best I can come up with unless you just assume Yoda and Ben were exaggerating, which certainly could be the case, that whole 'certain point of view' thing.


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