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little auggie simmons

In Power Man #32, Luke Cage faces off against an elderly man calling himself Wildfire who is trying to burn down the only home in a suburb owned by an African-American family. The first night, Luke takes him down. But Wildfire shows up again and burns down the house. Inside, Auggie Simmons was playing 'hide and seek' while his family ran outside. He dies of smoke inhalation at the end of the issue.

Here's his funeral.

One of the things I love about the character Luke Cage is his relationship with children. In Power Man, he really gets sent over the edge if whoever he is fighting hurts a child or even thinks about hurting a child. He's good with kids, always showing off and playing with them. Despite the tough, bad ass exterior of Luke Cage--he's got a real soft spot for kids. So, naturally, he'd make a good and doting daddy later on.

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char: power man/luke cage
title: power man

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