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Just a little Piper awesome to start the week

Just thought I'd share a page of Pied Piper awesome.

The context to this is that Linda's investigating a strange snake cult that seems to be taking over the other cults in the city. She gets attacked on her way to her car, and calls Piper for back-up. Basically saying 'grab your best hardware and meet me at home'. Argus saves Linda in the garage and brings her home.

And then we get:

Piper as a good guy ROCKED.

Suggested tags: char: pied piper/hartley rathaway, publisher: dc comics, title: the flash
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Phallic symbols to the rescue!
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Re: *giggles*

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Suddenly, somewhere, Frank Miller lifts his head out of his can of Steel Reserve, a glint of an idea in his eye
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Re: *giggles*

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I knew I sensed a disturbance in the Force.
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Re: *giggles*

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I seem to recall that a lot of people thought the gun in portal ( was kind of a vaginal symbol, in effect if not in shape.
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Because subtext is never enough, they gave him, not one, but two, positioned just so on his belt. See, the flutesonic gun is his penis. (And if it's still not clear, he's willing to describe the Incident at Band Camp in considerable detail.)
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And, yes, pot-kettle-black WRT my icon.