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Jason Todd: instead of being crowbarred, he could have died of AIDS...

There was apparently an idea that Jason could have died of AIDS, rather than be murdered.

Odd, but true. From this lovely interview with Judd Winick at here:

I'd never heard of this at all, had any of you? Interesting, but obviously Jason dying of AIDS would never have allowed for Bruce to have the intense grief and pain over Jason's death, nor would it have made it the second worst thing to happen to him, after his parents' deaths.

Here's some choice bits:

Deciding to put my disturbingly encyclopedic knowledge of all things Jason Todd to good use, I ask Winick if he's ever heard about a storyline that was planned but never done, wherein Jason's death would have been from AIDS.

"I think it was a stunning, unbelievable thing. In the time of fears and epidemic, to have had a superhero have it, I was stunned and proud to hear about that. But they were not able to do it. I always forget to ask Denny [O'Neil] about that, about what happened.

"Denny's been great about me bringing Jason back. I was really worried about how he'd react, because the back of the Death in the Family trade, where Jason dies, there's a big quote on the back from Denny saying 'to bring him back would be a really sleazy stunt'. I got really nervous talking to him!

"But he said to me 'no, no, it would've been a sleazy stunt for us to do it, that's what I meant. If we'd brought him back six issues later.' It would have ruined their great story. But every generation has to work out their own ways to tell a great story."

"But, getting back to what we were talking about before, I think what they ended up doing with Jason's death was much better, for the story, than the AIDS storyline would have been. Because it wouldn't have been Batman's failure, for Robin to die of a terminal disease. Batman's failure is the Joker killing Robin in a warehouse."

And a page featuring one my favourite ships...

Mia and Jason... now you have one more thing in common...
Also, to me? This scene is so friggin' hot. Erotic asphyxiation...

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It would have been... I agree with Winick the way he died was much better for the story they did then it would have been. I mean you don't die that suddenly from AIDS. I guess I'm used to what happened to him so it's just weird to me. *shrug*

And you know, random but the art in those issues, and the ones around then, always bothered me. I didn't like it...

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I know that Starlin was the one who pushed for Jason to have the AIDS storyline, and he also wrote Captain Marvel's death from cancer. I've never read The Death of Captain Marvel, but I've heard it's good.
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If it had probably happened it obviously wouldn't seem so weird or off to me I guess. I'm probably just used to what happened so it seems strange. It probably would have been a good storyline if they had done it though.
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Also I'm always annoyed when they give her a boob window it makes me roll my eyes. And anyway I'm sure Mia's had enough kink in her life thank you very much ;p
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It's the same tone as her skin. You can tell in other panels better but usually the arrow is supposed to be the same shade as her cape and bracers and it is SO not. So yeah it's a boob window. I'm happy they stopped doing that..