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Bad Futures

Four scans apiece from X-Force #27, Part 9 of "Second Coming", and Wolverine: Weapon X #13.

As "Second Coming" continues, Bastion has sealed San Francisco in a giant impenetrable sphere, and is preparing to flood the area with an army of Nimrod super-sentinels from the future that numbers at least 170,000+ (Domino:  "I'm not mathmetician, but that seems bad.").  The X-Men's senior officers debate what to do next:

Meanwhile, everybody else goes out to prepare to face the invasion and to help move people out of the city and into the Atlantean underwater complex.

X-Force reunites for one last, glorious suicide mission.

The transporter is only one-way, so Cyclops bitterly notes that he's probably sent them all to their deaths, even if they succeed (one imagines they'll end up taking the sentinels' portal back).

Elsewhere, Wolverine: Weapon X's final pre-relaunch arc continues, as Logan, New Cap, and a psychic woman wearing a hoodie go up against an army of Deathloks sent from the evil, Roxxon-run future (presumably a different one).  The story is fine, but the character interaction sparkles:

He's one of Miranda's resistance members in the future.

Also, need more Aaron-written Spider-Man.

Miranda gives Steve the names of the remaining targets from the future, and he has them removed to the Baxter Building under heavy guard.  Logan, New Cap, Miranda, and l'il Wakowski take the Deathlok body and head to go visit the man who will create the Deathloks in the future:

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it's true, he doesn't react well to bullets.

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Killed by his one weakness. Bullets, from a gun.
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Got to say it with a Sean-Connery-trying-to-do-Russian accent.

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Warlock, who has formed body armour for him on many occasions LOVES bullets though...
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I honest to god laughed at that panel, as mean as it was.
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Admittedly, my first thought when I saw Cable shirtless?
"My God, I want to have sex with that."

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I'd advice caution. Some stellar governments might consider that pedophilia.

His arm is still a baby technarch, right?

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I'm reasonably certain that Choi and Oback's art engenders that reaction in many people.

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Steve's Avengers have the best dialogue.

Also: Hope/X-23. Don't know why (unless it's echoes of Logan/Jean), just seems right.
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Where is Xavier in all this? I know he is on Utopia but for him not to be part of any of these meetings seems odd.

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"I'm just kicking dudes in the face until someone tells me to stop."

Words to live by.
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I totally laughed my butt off at that one.

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Wow, Michael Collins got a name drop?

I always thought he was the most awesome Deathlok, but he seems to get treated as the ugly cousin.

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"We have alot to talk about."

Which basically means alot of people will scowl at Scott, absolutely nothing will change, and writers will fail to connect the back of change and the indifference of most readers.

I bet Waller wishes she had it half as easy as Scott!

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Isn't Jason Aaron writing The Astonishing Spider-Man/Wolverine? So there's more Aaron-written Spidey for ya!
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I admit, Cable saying goodbye to Hope made me b'aw since as per comic book drama rules, Cable will probably be dying in the future (of which I will be crying endlessly).

And wow, Scott. Way to be the biggest douchebag as usual.
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Geez Wolverine, I know you're missing your little blue buddy, but there's no need to be bitchy about someone whose past experience with bullets involved saving someone else's life at the cost of his own. And it's not like half the people at the table aren't vulnerable to bullets too.
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One complaint.

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Ok throughout all of thing that bothered and annoyed me is how everyine is reacting about X-Force..last I checked..X-Men have killed before and the particular members of X-Force aren't new to missions that involve assassination and people didn't seem bothered by it.. so yea. Really annoyed about it here. It's like.."dude is it really that much of a shock that a group of killers are paired together and doing what they do best? Is it that wrong for Scott to take advantage of this and thus take the fight to particularly dangerous foes?"
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Re: One complaint.

[personal profile] icon_uk 2010-05-26 11:28 pm (UTC)(link)
I'd say that there's a difference between having members who have killed, and the leader of the X-Men forming a secret (even from the other X-Men) dedicated, pro-active assassination squad.

Re: One complaint.

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Re: One complaint.

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So what is the timeline for Secret Avengers and X Force? Cause I mean if SA comes after, we know Logan gets back okay and with relatively good spirits so noone he liked dies. However if it comes at the same time/before how are they going to explain his presence?
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Can't beat stealing the ol' Terminator timeline paradox.

You have to ask yourself, if someone came to your door with information about you and your life they should not know (even in this digital age), and said you were a future Resistance member, would you give them the benefit of the doubt and just roll with it?
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I love Spider-man's line stealing here :)
nezchan: Yipes!  Get out the way! (bwah!)

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Yancy Street!
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Okay, I need to buy any existing Weapon X trades and read this series ongoing, like, yesterday.

So! Much! Awesome!
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Um, is anyone else intrigued by what Emma's left hand is up to in that panel with her seated?
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[personal profile] icon_uk 2010-05-27 06:17 pm (UTC)(link)
Given Doug's ability to read body language, he's probably past intrigued and into "needing a cigarette"
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So I take it this means that San Fran is now Dalaran?
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Hang on, I'm lagging out.