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1 page from Savage She-Hulk #1

So. Lyra is the future!daughter of the Hulk and Thundra. It's complicated. In her future, men and women live in separate tribes, reproduced through cloning. Lyra is sent to the past (our present), on a mission (the nature of which is not important for our purposes today), and on her way to the time travel site, she passes an 'overman burial site'.
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Mr. Fantastic, Thor, Spider-Man and Captain America... drowned?

Also? Zabu!

It turns out that not only do the men worship the ancient overmen, they express their worship through extremely rustic Wolverine costumes. That's them up there on the roof. Are there any Wolverine-free Marvel comics? Sigh sigh.

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Burned shadows are a nuke thing, aren't they?

My main comment on this page is actually that carnivores usually make very poor eating. Lyra should have held out for a zebra.

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Motto to the carnivore thing. That was actually going to be my comment!

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Thor? That looked like Stephen Strange to me...

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I don't know; the left arm looks way bigger than the other, which I took to indicate a hammer.

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Those little pointy things over his head have gotta be Thor, too - Strange's cape might point but not like that.

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she ate ka-zar's buddy.
i hope jen kills her.

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It was a Zabu, not the Zabu. So it was probably one of his descendants.

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If she ever shows up in MU proper, Jen should sue her for copyright infringement (I'll be deeply disapointed if Jen doesn't have the She-Hulk name coprighted lol).

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It won't be me, since convention and story dictate Jen will lose, and that's just not something I feel we need to acknowledge.

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Yeah, hey, did you ever get around to reading the final ish of PAD's SHE-HULK?

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Eh, I don't know; VL's a pretty good writer with these sorts of things, so I trust him not to do the hacky have-her-really-show-Jen-up thing (now, very likely she'll get away).

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jobbing to the newbie is no bueno.

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Couldn't they at least have the decency to call her Girl-Hulk or Hulkwoman or something?

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This is only a mini series right. Will the real She-hulk be back after?

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Not "back"; she never went anywhere.