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A nice Logan and Spidey moment.

Greetings True Believers!

Here are scans from the Logan anthology Wolverine #900.

It's a nice Peter and Logan moment. Wolvie is overexposed, no doubt about it. But he still has the magic when used right.

For example. Logan is still a great team-up character. With a good writer, any character riding shotgun with Logan turns into a great buddy-cop flick.

Enjoy "Birthday Boy".

Suggested Tags: char: wolverine/logan/james howlett, char: spider-man/peter parker, publisher: marvel comics, creator: zeb wells, creator: paolo rivera

Spidey is waiting in a freezing NYC street because Wolvie called him for some help. Logan shows up and says they have some time. He cajoles Spidey into going to a dive-bar next door. He changes, these panels made me laugh.

They walk in and Logan convinces the shady patrons that Spidey is just a dude on his way to a party.

Logan gets a bottle of hooch and invites Spidey to knock a few back, Spidey says he doesn't drink.

I like how that page shows that Logan's drinking kinda Quixotic.

Nature takes it's course and Logan has a light dust-up with the fella and his friends. Logan wins and the other dude's redhead convinces him to stop fighting.

Spidey is pissed.

I like this next page. Logan is a great bar-philosopher.

The guy whose girl Logan hit on puts a shotgun slug into the back of his head. Spidey grabs him and starts to web him up when not-happy Logan decides to hack/slash the guy.

Spidey stands in the way.

Logan relents and apologizes for losing control. Spidey is more confused than ever. He asks Logan how much longer they're going to be hanging around.

Logan: "It's 12:08. You can go. My birthday's over."

I liked that. I enjoy the dynamic between Logan and Peter. I think Peter looks up to Logan (almost reluctantly) and envies his wild-side. I think Logan feels protective of Peter in my annoying-little-brother sorta way. He also envies Peter's clarity. Love it.

6 out of 18 pages.