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Following off this, I thought I'd do another Peebo post.

Last time we just followed Peecee, this time I'll show more of the Peebos. This is Peebochu and Peegi. Peebochu doesn't show up much in the side comics*, but Peegi's one of the three main Peebos, modeled after Brianna and her sisters Gina (the archeologist) and Brittany (the werecheetah).

*Though he is noteworthy for being the most destruction-prone of the Advanced Peebos. He's on body number three there!

And there's Peebrit :D

Together, They Fight Crime!TM

Guuuys, that's not fighting crime at all! Ok, so they don't fight crime, so much as cause trouble.

Often a lot of trouble.

Hey Brianna, why do you keep these guys around anyway?

Ah, so that's why :)

They may sometimes help on missions or in the lab like a few of the other Peebos, but the main trio of Peebos was made to re-create the childhood Brianna never had.

Aaand they're still explosives of course! ^^ Ok, Bri can be a bit fixated with her design work at times.

One last thing, since I think Peecee's popular after last time, let's see how he's doing before we go:


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Creator: Fred Perry
Title: Gold Digger
Publisher: Antarctic Press

6 pages from Peebomanga vol 1.

(Sidenote: The Peebo stories here (+ a few others) were reprinted in color in the Peebo Tales collection, but I have the Peebomanga BW version so that's what you get XD)

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Now now, that's usually only her reaction to birds.


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