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The Warriors Four: The Cute-Arok continues!

Greetings True Believers! Here are 3 and half scans from Thor and the Warriors Four #3.

The cute will destroy you! Power Pack! Tiny Thor! Widdle Odin! Baby Ray Bill!


Suggested Tags: char: thor odinson/donald blake, char: beta ray bill, char: loki, char: enchantress/amora, char: energizer/katie power, group: power pack, publisher: marvel comics, creator: alex zalben, creator: gurihiru.

The epic thus far.....Loki and the Enchantress have turned the entire population of Asgard into babies and convince the Power Pack to steal the Golden Apples of Idunn for his "sick wife".

Before we move on. Tiny Thor rides on the back of Baby Ray Bill! Squeal!

Julie, Katie, Jack, TThor and Baby Bill find the way to Idunn's golden house but first they must face....The Squirrel of Mischief!!!

The Squirrel runs away like a being who could not win because Katie's power level is over 9000.


They reach Idunn's crib and Thor proves he's a smoothie with the ladies.

They use the casket to grab the apples and bring them back to "Koil" and oh noes!!!

The cute of this mini is forever!