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Abnett and Lanning's Thanos Imperative #1, out this week, begins the cancerverse's attack made possible by the Magus's ignition of worlds.

An entire universe seeps through the ravaged fault...

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They come in masses, but they're hardier than your average swarm:

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and require desperation moves to finish quickly:

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And those're just the mooks.

See, every good invasion needs a good command... and, as Ignition showed us, the Many Angled Ones certainly didn't choose poorly:

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... actually, that kind of works as a name to dread.

they've also got a specialized strike force to achieve their more subtle objectives:

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(woo, a non-MC2 usage of the name! nice, but maybe a bit pointless.)

who're quite good at what they do:

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and to prove that the cancerverse has all the bases covered, they've even got a solid home defense in case of counter-incursion:

Image and video hosting by TinyPic

(i am pretty sure that is not a Silver Namor.)

well, looks like Thanos'll have a bit of a challenge... especially given the, ah, effect excessive life seems to be having.

...also, didn't they kill their Hulk? I suppose all that life might've done something for him, but it is a bit weird...

publisher: marvel comics, creator: dan abnett, creator: andy lanning

Date: 2010-06-04 10:41 pm (UTC)
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Yeah, looks like another classic case of people not realizing the difference between "eldritch" and (conventionally) "evil."


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