Mar. 7th, 2009

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Back in the days of... the other place... I posted some scans from DC's 1980's Style guide featuring stellar linework from Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez. When tidying up some old discs I had lying around I discovered I had many more of these than I thought.

I covered the Batfamily in the first go-round, and will deal with Wonder Woman, Superman and some other heroes in due time, but at the end of the disc were these INSANELY cute images of....

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My second fav. supervillain team !

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So this being unofficial Gen X Week, I was thinking about what to post. Well, there are the kids, but I'm sure they'll be well-covered. As for the adult supervision, we only have Emma Frost and Sean Cassidy. Now, with them being the only possible heterosexual pairing in their age group, you'd think there'd be some UST there.

Or Emma Frost could utterly loathe Banshee with the force of a thousand Sentries. Whichever works.

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I laughed at this and thought of you guys. From Action Comics #721 (page 14), Jimmy Olsen's getting bombarded by fangirls for working at the WGBS station as a news reporter for a time.

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For dial-uppers: Have a link.
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This is my 1st post here, so I hope this is all legal. I didn't find any of these here in s_d 2.0, but I'm not sure about the original.

I just read "X-Men and Power Pack: The Power of X" and had to share some cute scans.


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Since re-posting our lost posts is all the rage these days, here goes one story I had found that I think deserves to be remembered. Namely, the time that Superman proved that, for all his power, he was complete and utter fail as a 1940s-era homemaker.

Also, he wears an apron.


Great Rao! How did it ever come to this!?
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I'm still putting together all my Emplate scans for GenX week, but I ran across this and felt it should be shared, because interaction between Emma and Sean amuses me to no end.

Right after Paige and Jono accidentally blew up the girl's dorm, all the girls were moved into Emma's sanctum, while Emma moved in with Sean. This is the result:

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I went to my lcs on a mission to procure something to share with the ressurected Scans Daily. I have to say I came back more than victorious. For I now can share with you...

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Didn't know it'd be against the rules on noscans_daily, though since it is I'll just post this here, hopefully not breaking any rules. The company that made the opening sequence for the Watchmen movie has put it(the sequence) up online(spoilers, obviously):
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So uh, hey guys. One day when I went to check on S_D it was just kind of gone, and it's taken me some time to find this new place. I don't think I have my old posts saved, which kind of makes me sad. But anyway, it's good to see a new place up and running.

Hoping this place sticks around.
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Two consecutive panels from the 40s:

  I know, it’s not much. I just think it’s interesting that two slurs for homosexuals are in two consecutive panels. Were they in use then? All I can do is smile, for I am trying my best to sound gay, but you can probably tell my heart isn't in it.
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While none of these hold a candle to the awesomeness of the one I posted last time (Robin sliding down a rainbow), they are *weird*.
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Or, "That's no paraplegic, that's a MAN, baby!" (Yes, my sense of humor is just a wee bit dark. Why do you ask?)

4 scans from 52, Week 41. I found a bunch of 52s and 52: World War issues at a book sale this weekend, and may be posting more from them as time goes on and I find more crack contained therein.
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This next is not actually a story about Diana herself, but rather a story about the people around her and the world she lives in. That's not uncommon in a general sense, but it's actually relatively rare with Diana - you just don't get stories about Themyscira or a day in the life of Philippus the way you get stories about Gotham or the investigative exploits of Lois Lane. So this, the story of tertiary cast member Lucy Spears, is a bit of a rare gem in that sense.

It's also a rare gem in many other senses, as you'll see once you click the cut.

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Next time: More trouble from the spawn of Ares, and men walk on Themysciran shores, which isn't the catastrophe it would have been pre-Crisis but still manages to spell more trouble than it initially seems worth.
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So much great stuff has faded into obscurity. NAPOLEON by Clifford McBride started in papers in 1929 (as UNCLE ELBY) and ran for more than twenty years. (The strip was reprinted for years in FAMOUS FUNNIES, often with a new illustration for the cover.) Napoleon never had a thought balloon or did anything a dog couldn't do. That was part of the strip's gentle charm. This page from 1935 is a good example of wordless storytelling. Well, trusting a dog (even a good dog) with a whole chicken strikes me as asking for disappointment. (As an aside, it seems far-fetched today, but not that long ago parents often sent preteens into stores with a few dollars to come back with a pack of cigarettes or a six-pack, and no one thought twice about it. Today the story would be on the 6:00 news and charges would be pressed.)

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This respectable-looking old chap created a long-running and immensely popular strip that even heathens who don't like comics recognize.


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