Mar. 10th, 2009

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We're just about done with Perez at this point - not that we've more than scratched the surface of his incredible run, but there's just so much more to see that we have to move on eventually (and I'll admit to a certain fatigue with the effort involved in making these older comics *work* as scans, as well). But we'll take one last dip in his world before we go, because no catalogue of Perez' great contributions to the Wonder Woman mythos would be complete without a look at the Bana-Mighdall amazons. This splinter group is probably the best example possible of Perez' ability to take what looks like a huge pile of bad cliches and uncomfortable racial undertones and spin a diverse, interesting set of real, well-drawn characters out of it. Yes, the plot that adds the Bana-Mighdall to the DCU is a convoluted one, difficult to follow at times and intertwined with some seriously confusing Cheetah stuff and some very poorly supported one-off bad guys. But, hey, that's Perez for you, and seriously, they're a lost tribe of amazons. That shit is cool.

Also, without the Bana, there could be no Artemis, and that would make the world a much, much sadder place. )

Next time: Comics that are actually more picture than dialogue! All new artist! All new writer! And Diana as a friggin space pirate! Really, what more do you need?
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What about Marvel U.K. stories that are long, long out of print?

Like this CRACTACULAR Hulk short by Moore & Gibbons? )

But seriously, if Marvel wants only their OWN images removed, why'd we lose all of our DC, DARKHORSE, DELL, HARVEY, WARREN, and indy images?
Livejournal and Photobucket just jump the gun and drop 'em all, or do they not know which company owns which characters?

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Okay, so I have a request. According to the TVTropes page on Hellblazer, a tiny, cute version of John Constantine popped up in something called Mitefall, which is apparently a Bat-Mite story. If this is true, I must see this.

For legality:
I bet Swamp Thing would be the worst party guest ever, no matter what presents he grew for the other guests and the birthday boy )

I just love that the invitation is addressed to "Mr S Thing." I just can't stop giggling over that.

(Also, who's the rabbit?)
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I wish clipping on a headdress could transforms me.
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Written by Adam Beechen
Art and cover by Trevor Hairsine
The Clap are the biggest band in the world - headlining massive stadium tours, selling millions of records, and hobnobbing with the rich and fabulous. And in their spare time, they also happen to be the most sought-after meta-human assassination unit on the black market! Using their status as rock icons as a cover, they've perpetrated some of the more elaborate murders in modern memory! But a financial crunch has the group signing on for one last 'gig' both as The Clap and as assassins.
But they aren't the only band - or assassin - on the bill! KILLAPALOOZA is a high-octane, outrageous adventure by writer Adam Beechen (ROBIN) and artist Trevor Hairsine (X-Men: Deadly Genesis) that will leave the reader guessing until the very end!
On sale May 20 1 of 6 32 pg, FC, $2.
99 US
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...and so are the Villains.


Read more... )
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Since I heard a few requests for this to be posted again, now seems like a good time to dig out the Paint version of Watchmen. No, I still have no clue where this originated. If someone wants to take credit, I'll happily give it.

Steer clear if you're offended by stick figures enacting the condensed version of Watchmen. )
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Doorway to Nightmare, first Madame Xanadu.


Ah the mysterious world on Manhattan tarotcard reading. Funny how often it ends in metal titie cups and Egyptian gangbang Bukkake'...
Read more... )
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From issue 32 of The Goon comes a new kind of Gorilla. Everybody loves Gorillas... but I am not so sure about this one...

Wait... the WHAT Gorilla?!?!? )
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When you really love comics, you understand priorities.

This charming party is by Jay Lynch and comes from 1988's BLAB!# 1, an odd little digest-sized book where a lot of underground comics creators reminisce about how EC influenced them.

mystery guest )

Today's guest is an artist whose work has appeared all over Creation (and deservedly so). EC, newspaper strips, Warren, DC and Marvel. His art is somewhere between Alex Raymond and Frank Frazetta in style.


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