Mar. 12th, 2009

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Whatever else he may have gotten weird or wrong, I give WML this: he did truly understand at least two fundamental things about Diana. One, that for all that she's a princess, she doesn't have a haughty or judgemental bone in her body, and two, that she has a real talent for turning her enemies into allies and even friends (I especially like what he did with the Cheetah, making her a bit of a combo Magneto/Two-Face in her relationship to Diana - but not how he got there, so that one's definitely not in this series).

We see both of these character traits during the middle bulk of WML's tenure, a time I like to call "Wondy flips burgers." Admittedly she's actually working at a taco joint, but you can't tell me that makes a practical difference to the connotations.

Of Taco Whiz and Donna Milton. )

Next time: Diana breaks atmosphere again to visit Thanagar and save the last Vuldarian in a Very 90s Crossover that somehow manages to be ridiculously fun regardless.


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Series: Elfquest (not currently in print)
Creative Team: Richard and Wendy Pini
Posted 'Cuz: New old material available/Discussion bait

Elfquest is a fantasy tale about a tribe of elves known as Wolfriders seeking their place in the world and trying to come to grips with their origins. It's one of the better-known American fantasy comics, with thirty years worth of stories behind it. The creators, Richard and Wendy Pini, currently have a movie deal with Warner Bros and are gearing up for Final Quest, the last chapter in the saga of the Wolfriders. As an alternative to the prohibitive cost of trying to keep decades of stories archived on dead trees, Richard Pini has released every Elfquest issue ever to see print on the digital comics section of, including some stories that never actually saw print before Warp Graphics ceased publication of the EQ anthology title back in the 90's.

I wanted to post this for a couple of reasons:

1) In the recent kerfuffle over SD 1.0's deletion, one of the arguments that kept cropping up was that giving readers a "try before you buy" option was a good way to sell more books. Warp Graphics seems to have taken that to an extreme and offered free access to their entire catalog in an attempt to build new readership for Final Quest (which may very well wind up a web publication before it sees print) and to generate interest in the upcoming film. So what are the comm's thoughts on the potential effectiveness of a move like this?

2) Some of the most recent material released was the continuation of a story called "Mender's Tale", which was in-progress when the anthology title was axed. The story involves a Wolfrider disgusing himself to move among humans and get a better idea of what makes them tick. He becomes involved in a love-triangle consisting of a young man, the woman he's betrothed to, and her sister, who is in love with her sister's affianced. In the most recent installment, Mender tricks both girls into having sex with him by telling them that he is their betrothed/beloved under the effects of a curse. My first impression is...less than positive, more in the realm of "well-intentioned rape is still rape". Thoughts from the comm?

First two parts are here and here. New installment is here.

And for legality, a page from Elfquest: The Discovery )
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The Fuan no Tane post reminded me I wanted to post a couple of these.

Anyway...each collected volume of Franken Fran ends with two non-magazine extras: An extra chapter featuring the Franken Fran characters (Fran in v1, Veronica in v2), and a separate (so far as I can tell so far) series, Magabana.

More talking, and 6 thumbnailed pages under cut )

Once again, these are from Franken Fran, scanlated by the fine folks at SnoopyCool.
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In honor of Digger moving site and no longer being subscription-only for the archives, I bestow upon you, my dear friends at scans_daily, one of my favorite Digger strips.

Also a bonus half-comic from 8-bit Theater, all behind the cut )

For those not already in the know, Digger's new home is
And 8-bit Theater can as always be found at
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Is this our first "and a scan, just to be legal" post? I think it could be. Here!

Now that that's out of the way, who'd in the mood for Watchmen genderbendery? The fine folks at plus4chan have been doing their God-given duty in applying Rule 63 to Watchmen, resulting in (so far) Danielle Dreiberg, Wanda Kovacs, Adrienne Veidt, Sammy Jupiter, his son Laurence Jupiter, and, yes, Edie Blake. SFW samples behind the cut, and the whole (NSFW) shebang at plus4chan.

Read more... )
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I return with some early, old school Steph! Including her first appearance in Robin (#4, #5, #6) and her second one (#16) and third! (#25, #26, involves a team up with Connor Hawke).

These actually have ALL NEW SCANS for #4, #5, and #26 to make the story flow better with the cuts I had to make. Anyway, these are good times

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Jaime's coming back as a backup in Booster Gold!

YESSSSS! *celebrates*. And to think I was just about to drop Booster. I hope Matt Sturges writes the back up, last issue aside, he generally does good by Jaime.

Good choice, DC. Good choice.

Of course, there'll be an increase in price, but I have no problem with that. Guys, we need to BUY this, and support Jaime! Maybe we can even get his title back!

Here's the link: from Newsarama

Legality )
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Fuan no Tane comes in 3 volumes of about 135 pages each. Even if the chapter headings and whatnot don't count in the final page count, I figure I'm clear to post a little more than 40 pages from each book. Which means I can post most of everyone's favorite stories... especially mine! Still, I highly encourage anyone who likes these stories to look up the books and read them in their entirety.

Anyway, click on the cut why don'tcha! For today's special bonus, we get the story behind these guys.

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Here's the cover by the late Dave Stevens for the 1985 SHEENA 3-D SPECIAL. Although he may be best known for his creation of the Rocketeer (and that because it was made by Disney into a feature film), Stevens did a lot of covers, pin-ups and promotional art. His glossy, sleek style was well suited for poster shots. Stevens did a lot to re-popularize Bettie Page, basing the heroine of the Rocketeer strip on the 1950s cheesecake princess.

Although she was amazingly successful as a character -- appearing on newstands in JUMBO COMICS and her own title from 1938 to 1953, not to mention her live action adaptations -- Sheena's strip never seemed to have more than adequate art or writing. As it is, though, I think the character could make a major comeback in today's market.

the original SHEENA )

My favorite SHEENA cover. I like the extra care that went into giving the leopardskin rig some texture, and the highlights on our gal's arms and legs give a nicely three-dimensional look. You can't go wrong with a squad of rampaging gorillas, of course, and these seem to be wielding clubs, an ominous development if there ever was one. It looks like there's the ruins of some lost city, too. (Just noticed that she is sticking her toes in an angry gorilla's EYE! Man, Sheena is brave.)

Irish McCalla )

This is actually what your average citizen thinks of when you mention Sheena (if not just a blank stare). SHEENA, QUEEN OF THE JUNGLE was a 1955 series that had only 26 episodes but which ran in syndication for years and years. Irish McCalla was a tall (just over six foot, most sources say) ex-model who was perfect for the role. she may have not shown polished acting skills to make Anne Bancroft fret over the competition, but she had presence and charisma. For a role like this, those are essential qualities.Tanya Roberts )

Well, what can I say? Tanya Roberts was a beautiful woman but she just was not imposing. She didn't have the screen magnetism to convince you she coud be Queen of a Jungle. Too bad. I still haven't seen her 1984 flick all the way through, it just doesn't hold my interest. There's a little inset of Irish McCalla glaring down at her successor.

You made me spill my drink! )

There seems to be an awful lot wrong with that lion's anatomy.

for all the buttfreaks among us )

Yep, behind every beautiful woman is a beautiful behind. Poor old Bob is a prisoner again. He did help out in the stories and saved Sheena now and again (sometimes she took on more than she could handle), but mostly Bob was the sidekick who got taken prisoner. Here he seems to be tied to the forehead of an Indian elephant (judging by the ears), leading Sheena to wonder just how such a beast ended up in her African territory. Oh well, it probably came on the wrecked cargo ship with all those tigers.

mystery guest )

Even if you've never read a comic, you might well be familiar with something this artist helped create.
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(Yes, I'm starting the Cheetah posts before I finish the Wondy posts. Variety is the spice of life, you know.)

It's said that every good hero needs a good villain. I don't know that I completely agree with that, but certainly the most iconic four-color heroes have a diverse array of equally iconic foes - Joker and Two-Face and Poison Ivy, Sinestro and Hector Hammond and Star Sapphire, Braniac and Lex and Zod, the Keystone Rogues.

Wondy pretty much gets the Cheetah. Sure, there's Dr. Psycho, and Giganta, and the Silver Swan (any given iteration), and you could even make a case for poor Veronica Cale, but basically, all of Wondy's rogues are either a) super-lame and not a credible threat to far weaker heroes, b) long since beaten, or c) spend far more time fighting other heroes in other books than they ever have on Diana, post-Crisis. [Or d) some or all of the above, ::coughGigantacough::]. Circe actually puts in a decent showing, and Psycho's a good villain when he's around, but the one and only Wondy rogue who's been present since the relaunch, kept up with her through every subsequent changing of hands, and focused on her to the exclusion of any other hero in the DCU like a proper arch-nemesis should, is the Cheetah.

Gaia forbid, of course, that that actually amount to any consistency in Diana's history, though. Because it is not, perhaps, completely accurate to say that the Cheetah has been with Wondy since the Perez days; certainly there's been a Cheetah with her in every run, but her portrayal has been so schizophrenic as to put Supertorso to shame. Hence, this project - a look at the many different iterations of the Cheetah - starting, as one should, at the beginning,* with the original Wondy maestro, George Perez.

Introducing Dr Barbara Minerva. )

Next up: Good ideas if you can get past the art - Cheetah through the eyes and pen of William Messner-Loebs.


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