Mar. 16th, 2009

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So, my previous experience with Scans Daily was pretty much limited to lurking. But I felt I simply must share with you one of the Golden Ages's queerest heroes.

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In the Batman Adventures: My Boyfriend's back, the Joker's been subjected to all kinds of "therapy" at good ol' Arkham and it's pretty much eviscerated him from his naturally homicidal tendencies.
So he's super lovey-dovey to Harley -- and guess what? She HATES it.
(Still noob-ish on the tags issue ...sorry 'bout that and hoping the cut works....)

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Some time ago, on the old S_D, I made reference to a particularly bad panel of Steve Ditko's art on Legion of Super-Heroes, in the 80s... After mentioning it, I was asked to post the panel, but I didn't remember which issue it was in, and couldn't find it. I've since found it, so...I now post it.

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Now to do an overview of Stephanie's time with the BoP ( I was going to couple it with Cass, but decided to post that got too long.)

Steph as a member of the BoP was rife with potential ( and bluefall has an awesome fic centering around the ideal in progress). But it was sadly cut short as soon as Dixon left the book. Gail sort of used Charlie as a Steph substitute (heck, she went out of the way to have Babs compare Charlie to Steph) so we see a little of how nifty it could have been. I mean, Steph and Dinah share a similar attitude, they're both postive, snarky independent women to think on their feet. And they are both made of awesome, of course.

Meanwhile, Babs sees a lot of her younger Steph (self starter, doesn't care what Batman thinks, ridiculously determined, insinuating herself into what's mainly a "boys club", fun loving, has the hots for a Robin) and it clearly makes her VERY uncomfortable, which is most effectively demonstrated in Joker's Last Laugh when Babs basically flips out at Steph and is like "You take things more seriously, or you will die". (Babs is psychic)

And if Steph had more interaction with Huntress- well, two black sheep with criminal families and disdain towards the "no kill" rule- the paralells are gold, and that Cataclysm thing only brushed the surface of that potential.

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more POGO )by Walt Kelly )

nice hat )

Not a writer or artist, this actor portrayed two classic super-heroes and one classic monster
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Do you find that you are going through Jaime Reyes withdrawal? Yet the OCC of Teen Titans burns too much for you to read it? You need Batman: The Brave and The Bold. Jaime is great, and all his episodes have been well done.

He takes main stage in #2, but you won't see much of him here. I post this for the Bats/Sups combo.

 Image and video hosting by TinyPic SPOILER****Good guys win**** 4 pages


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I love Steph. I love Cass. And their friendship is my favorite one in comics. They're just very different- Cass is quiet, Steph can't shut up, Cass is super super good at martial arts, Steph is always messing up, Steph clowns around, Cass is serious- and yet the same- they're both very determined, good hearted people, they both have daddy issues, they both don't quite fit in....and they benefit from each other. Steph benefits from Cass's knowledge and training, and Steph teaches Cass about interacting with people, and being a teenage girl. Also, Steph is the only one probably, who wasn't ever afraid or in some way intimidated by Cass's traumatic past. She was able to LAUGH with Cass about it. The two are just so perfect and awesome together.

So lets see them being awesome, shall we? (Batgirl #20, 21, 26, 27 and 28, as well as Last Laugh #3)

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This was intended partly to see if I could restore html code from stored e-mail replies to the original posting, and it looks like I can. So I'm reposting the single most popular (in terms of replies) post I ever got at the old S_D.

From 1981 (and reprinted for the Warner Bros Stores in the 1990's) I bring you (once again)...

ISBN1563891417 for those interested.

I haven't included all the recipes because, well, the images are more than enough fun!

13 images, so NOT dial up friendly.

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Have you ever wondered what Jesus and Buddha would be like as roommates? Even if you haven't, this manga is pretty good for some religious styled crack.

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Attempting to shift away from the computer designs onto freehand things, though progress is slow.

Here are two reactions I've done to the previous week's comics, hope you like them.

Possible Spoilers and NSFW warnings
Titans 11 )
Battle of the Cowl 1 )

For possible legality, El Dragon fixes a car!
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This post is dedicated to a much-beloved "family" of ghosts from Fuan no Tane who all share one very obvious feature in common.


And as an extra-special bonus, I'll be posting the story where the disembodied spirit of the Joker possesses a Japanese schoolgirl (or something)!
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So the Crisis trashed the All-Star Sqraudron. Roy Thomas go annally raped with no lube. BUT. He staged a great comeback wit the Young All-Stars. The idea was that, Sperman,Wonde rwoman, Batman, were gone however , their energy was still around and reformed into other characters to replace them.


Superman out,Iron Munro in!

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