Mar. 28th, 2009

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The following piece contains scenes which depict the usage of tobacco products.
If you are Joe Quesada, you might be offended.

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It's been noted, and not by me, that since we moved here, we've been lacking a certain something, a certain "je ne sais quoi", But I've realised je sais exactly what quoi we're missing...


And so, to rectify that, I've gone digging through my archives to come up with a selection of published pages and commission work which fits the bill. More by coincidence than anything they all feature Dick Grayson... what a surprise! :)

So, to paraphrase Stephen Sondheim in his original version of "Back in Business" from Dick Tracy (Not to be confused with Madonna's version, the Sondheim one is far more of a period piece... but I digress)

Back in bondage and feeling grand, let the good time roll! )
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Some highlights from one of my favorite JLU episodes, "Kid Stuff", in which Diana, Clark, Bruce, John... and Etrigan are tranformed into children, with Dakota Fanning voicing Diana.

And, the last three pages of Wonder Woman V2 #62, which ended the Perez run. The War of the Gods is over, though not everyone survived. Perez's final issue was about the characters closing chapters of their lives and beginning new ones, including the Amazons, Steve, Etta, and Ed, with Diana trying to figure out what she should do, next. Nessie, meanwhile, is graduating Junior High, and we conclude with a little meta and Fourth Wall breaking.

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I'm not sure I can really describe this one. For Wonder Woman 200, one of those 80-page giants, DC commissioned a back-up strip pastiching (not a word) the Golden Age, complete with "the Golden Age Veronica Cale". So basically it's a Golden Age AU fanfic of Greg Rucka's run, only with less smut.

But even by Golden Age standards, there's some impressive crackitude. Just take a look.

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Probably one of the better known nordic myth, and I think that it's in this second Valhalla comic, that Peter Madsen really find his form.

Thor's hammer has been stolen, Loki gets the job to find out who did it, and where the hammer is. The problem is more why the hammer got stolen, as they find out.

13 pages of fan scan translated comic (not mine translation)  )
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MAD MAGAZINE started as a full-color comic which spoofed other comics. Since it was written by Harvey Kurtzman and illustrated by EC greats like Wally Wood, Will Elder, Jack Davis, John Severin etc, the results were classic. MAD did stories about Starchie, Superduperman and Captain Marbles, the Lone Stranger, Batboy and Rubin, Flesh Garden, the Black and Blue Hawks, Melvin of the Apes.. whew. But all things must pass. MAD became a full-sized black & white magazines which satirized whatever was going on. It was still very funny for years, but the last I checked, it's leading the sleepwalking zombie half-life of a magazine just going through the motions. So from the glory days of MAD# 10 in April 1954, a few pages of Kurtzman and Elder's "Woman Wonder."

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If only we could step outside our lives in protest when it stops making sense, eh?

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A one-panel gag artist in the tradition of Charles Addams.
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As long as I have the scanner warmed up...

This is from 1975, taken off the envelope you received when you joined Steranko's Brotherhood of Bronze (along with a pinback badge, membership card, slap on the back from Pat Savage and kiss on the check from Monk. Or was that the other way around?) Anyway..

There were a lot of Doc-related projects in the air that year because of the feature film directed by George Pal and starring Ron Ely. You may wonder why that movie went so terribly wrong. In one interview, Pal let something slip, he said he needed to make some changes because the studio felt he made it "too good." They wanted it camped up. Maybe this explains the John Philip Sousa score and male chorus, the literal twinkle in Doc's eye, the loopy sound effects. I've sometimes thought it wouldn't take much tinkering to make a much snappier and more palatable DOC SAVAGE: THE MAN OF BRONZE out of that flick.

Steranko did a few covers for the Marvel color comics version, as well as a few promo pieces. But he never seemed to "get" the character the way James Bama did, and always seemed much more comfortable with the Shadow. Even so, a bit of vintage Steranko art deserves a moment in the light.
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Okay guys! Here's my last Super Steph post! *sniff* It's been fun, and thanks a lot for the nice stuff said, and thanks you gave me. I'm also very happy to hear this (and/or my posts on the old s_d) turned some of you into Steph fans.

Any one who'd like to visit, I have a Steph Wiki. It's very thorough, with scans, art, interviews, news, issue summaries and profiles on Steph and her various allies and enemies. I'm proud of it, in a geeky fannish way. Though it's mostly me, I've had help from k9feline, scottyquick, stephsvoice and most recently, LevralMrX who is a Spoiler fan from France! Steph fans are taking over the world, people! Anyway, he sent me these Steph backup scans, which used to be on the most excellent site Even Robins (devoted to Jason, Steph and animated Tim) but the site appears to be deceased. :(

They're early Steph stories from Showcase and Batman Chronicles. Also, Steph beating up her baby daddy, getting comforted by Tim, and running off some gangsters but also getting knocked on her ass. It's hard to be a trainee vigilante.

Robin #80, Robin #107, Robin #40, Huntress/Spoiler, Batman Chronicles #22 and Showcase '95 #5.

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Greetings True Believers! My first post here! I wanted to post these pages from NA #51 because it picks up on a minor Alias plot-point that Bendis tossed into the ocean and forgot about. Jessica Jones and her high-school crush on Peter Parker. Spoilers and enjoy!

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Thus far, I've mostly been showing Diana at her best; her defining moments of triumph and growth and victory. Diana being who she is, that is most of the picture; heroes are heroes because they get it right, unlike the rest of us. But even Diana fucks up sometimes, and, like Clark or Hal or Babs or anyone with that kind of crazy power, her fuck-ups can be catastrophic.

But entertaining!

So, let us observe one of these fuck-ups, by moving into the year 2002 and the Kelly era of JLA vol 3. It seems to me that Joe Kelly is very fond of Diana; he writes her in the forefront of the team and generally pretty well, with the exception of the idiotic Bruce/Diana romance (which is not only inappropriate on its own terms, but often causes him to diminish her for the sake of Bruce's masculinity). That comes later in his run, though, and we're here to look at his fabulous first arc, "Golden Perfect."

Next time: Nessie Kapatelis returns, like you've never seen her before! Cassie is cool, for possibly the second to last time, enjoy it while you can! Secret and Empress cameo! Kon bitches about being an armadillo! Not one panel of Trevor-Sue Barnes! And I try very hard to present a Jimenez arc and remain unbiased! Everything is better with exclamation points!


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