Mar. 31st, 2009

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During TMNTA's run, many characters were introduced. None, however, were so cracktacularly awesome as... Cudley, the Transdimensional Cowlick! Thus I bring you scans of his appearances throughout the book's run:

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Some people seem to be under the impression that Cyclops never kicked ass until Joss Whedon got hold of him. I refute that. Hey, even Ultimate Cyclops has been known to have moments of sheer badassery. For example, this. Betrayed in the Savage Land, Wolverine dropped him to his death from a clifftop to remove him from the equation and go all Claudius with Jean.

Thankfully Scott's not quite that easy to dispose of.

From Ultimate X-men #29.


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I've been looking for some comic that's currently-running, funny, light-hearted, breaks the fourth wall occasionally and leaves me in a happy mood. Like, comics that have in-jokes for continuity people but don't require you to have bought and read everything ever printed. Something to the likes of Deadpool, JLI, Young Justice or Impulse. The last running and fun comics used to be Blue Beetle and Cable & Deadpool, and they got cancelled. But I think I finally found my fix of just plain fun comics: the Futurama comics.

And I also want to ask a little question. I'd wanna post some comics that were published in my country, but they haven't been translated into English, and I'd need to do that myself. So, are fan-translated scans still okay to post here?
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Two differing scenes in which Batman and Spider-Man deal with young urban criminals. As you know, both Batman and Spider-Man have incredibly different worldviews, so it should come to no surprise that their encounters will have different results...

Batman )


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No, silly, not gødd@m tax increases, it's time for April Fool's with new BLACK CAT art!

Forgive me if I go over the limit, but someone had to spread the love.

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Back to the main Wondy title this time, where we've moved on from the Luke era into the Jimenez era. Generally, I'm not a big fan of Jimenez. He had the particular talent of being both spectacular and spectacularly bad within the space of a single panel, he was a slut for continuity porn to a point often detrimental to storytelling, and he expected his readers to be familiar with pre-Crisis Wondy and random Power Company bad guys and the Super Friends show and all kinds of random crap in order to make sense of half his secondary & tertiary characters. Also, he did a hack job on Polly and saddled us with the travesty that is Trevor Barnes.

However, he gave us some important storylines with some interesting ideas behind them, even when the execution wasn't totally on, and he does a reasonably good Cassie (although again, I don't really know how much of that is that he does a good Cassie and how much is that my standards for "good Cassie" have dropped significantly since YJ ended). So onward we go, with the sad tale of Circe, Diana, and Vanessa Kapatelis: Silver Swan II.

Next time: The JLA indulges in petty bickering, a funny-looking alien calls Diana a whore, Major Disaster takes his life in his hands, and Manitou coins my favorite Wondy nickname of all time.


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