Apr. 1st, 2009

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Yes. I know it's April 1st. However this was posted to Twitter 16 hours ago. Even throwing in the time difference, it was still March 31st when posted:
From Warren Ellis' Twitter: Just heard from DC That John Cassaday has finished PLANETARY #27. Ravens have left Tower of London.

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Lots of images below the cut, so this is not safe for dialup.

Most of you who know me, at least in passing around here, know of my strong, unholy love for Victor “Anole” Borkowski. And some of you may remember the Anole megapost that [personal profile] bebopbeats did way back when, in the long ago days of Livejournal.

Of course, dear old Vic has had a lot more appearances since that post was created, and I feel perhaps the megapost is due for an update.

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Just one page from YAFGC, by the creator of The 10 Doctors (which as you all may recall, was posted here before). It amused me, so I'm sharing.

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I have a request...if anyone would take it. Does anyone have any scans they could post of the Atlantian Sorceress Gamemnae, the blonde chick who captured Aquaman and died by the hand of Manitou Raven? I'd appreciate it.

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Four scans from War of Kings #2.

Remember the Bush Administration, when, whenever the incredible callousness of most of its membership came to light, they'd wheel out Laura Bush, who plausibly cared about what happened to people outside the super-rich?

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Hey, so, you know how Titans has been a total cesspool of misery, "shock value" death and maulings, ZOMG LOOK HOW EDGY posturing and general filthy, angsty wallowing? But in the last couple issues, it's been kind of picking up a bit, and starting to look like a title that might actually be worth following?

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For this chapter, we go back to JLA and Kelly again, who still writes a very good Diana. You know, the Morrison-Waid-Kelly sequence really was some of the best the JLA has ever been. Years of solid gold, there, occasional bizarre missteps aside. Anyway, this isn't a Wondy story, just a short little post-"Obsidian Age" arc about the JLA beating up some aliens, but it hits some fabulous Diana character notes and is just generally fun, so it merits posting.

Next time: Rucka!

What, you seriously need more than that? Fine. Dr. Psycho! People getting humiliated on national television! Riots outside the embassy! Minotaur chefs! Greg fucking Rucka!
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Following on from part one of this story...

Okay, quick recap - New villain Killer Croc is making his move on the Gotham underworld, and Joker has brought together an alliance of badguys to take him down, preferably after he's gained power, so Joker can slip in and take over himself with minimal effort on his part.

Batman asked a couple of civilians, circus aerialists Joe and Trina Todd, for help in stopping Killer Croc, and they met a grisly end when they investigated too far. Robin and Batgirl know this, and Robin has gone nuts as the Todd's were personal friends.


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