Apr. 5th, 2009

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Whoa, it's getting warm in here already, today, and I haven't had my morning coffee, or hot shower.
Now I need a cold one.... shower that is.

From Newsarama, previews for Secret Six #8


Per recommendations, I forgot to mention SPOILERS AHOY!!!, so I am moving the image under the cut.
That is all.

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I thought that it couldn't hurt to post this story again. There was some discussion going on about good Barry Allen stories and I figured this fit the bill.

This is my first time posting here, so apologies if I've majorly screwed anything up.
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You remember, when Apocalypse turned Warren Worthington III into one of his evil Four Horsemen?

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.. as it does set the bar rather high for reality...

This is definitely not safe for work, unless you happen to work at a place where semi-erotic poses of two hot guys are welcomed and embraced... in which case... are they hiring at the moment? :)

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Here we go with part two of my Nu'bia rundown, dealing with her infinitely superior post-Crisis incarnation. Free of tokenism, overt sexism, and laughably bad writing, and with an added apostrophe in her spelling to ever-so-slightly dissociate herself from being named for a piece of Egyptian geography (which seems odd to me, since Nubia is a reasonably common real-world name, but presumably Doselle Young knows what he's doing better than I), she was reinvented and reestablished as a character with an actual distinct hook and reason to exist, and a pretty cool one at that.

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Here's the sequel to this post; scans from Futurama issues between #25 and #42. Image-heaviness warning again.

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One of my OTPs in ANY fandom is Lois and Clark. It's not even a preference, it's a Fact that they belong together. I know Lois has had a varied history, but I love her when she is shown as smart, sassy, and sexy, which is why I loved Justice League Classified #10, because it contains all three! It also shows why Lois and Clark work together so well. 6 and 1/3 pages behind cut.

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The recent entry by [insanejournal.com profile] besamim showing an encounter between Superman and Swamp Thing, which brought up the topic of whether sentient plants count as life, brought to mind another, much earlier encounter between the two. In fact, I think it might have been their first encounter.

I wonder if Rick Veitch had it in his mind when he wrote his issue, because it puts a quite different spin on his story. Also, recall that Grundy is a sort of plant creature in his own right, having a body composed of swamp matter.

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