Apr. 10th, 2009

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IGN.com has a preview up for Fables #83, which is the first issue of The Great Fables Crossover that begins this coming Wednesday and runs for three months through three issues of Fables (83-85), Jack of Fables(33-35), and The Literals (new miniseries created specifically for this event).

It is also the first issue to feature a cover by new cover artist Joao Ruas.

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Hey guys. I was a member of the old community for quite some time but just never got around to joining the new one until now. Anyway for my first post at Daily_Scans I thought I'd share one of the most underrated superhero parodies ever created. I speak of "The Mighty Magnor" by Mark Evanier and Sergio Aragones.

First off a little background about the era this book came from. The year is 1993; Bill Clinton has just taken office, Friends won't hit television airwaves for another year, and American comics are in the middle of an unsustainable bubble. The extra-large 30 page first issue of this book featured a rather unique gimmick, the front cover actually folded out like a pop-up book revealing a little diorama. The success of the first round of Image Comic releases have caused dozens new companies to launch their own line of superhero books. New superhero universes were popping up on a weekly basis. Meanwhile across the industry there was a push to sell comics as collectors items, rather than reading material. (In fact QVC was actually selling mint autograph copies of this very comic for $34 plus shipping and handling.)

In the middle of this age of greed and hubris comes the tale of two would be creators and their alien friend.

Sadly you can't scan the pop-up cover (Not dial-up friendly) )
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From DELL FOUR COLOR #103, 1946 comes this cutesy Easter bunny story.
Fun for all ages, and it might just make you say ***awwwwwww!***.
By the legendary Walt Kelly.

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CBR has a preview up of Uncanny X-Men #508. I'm only going to post the last page, because it's not exactly what we've been expecting.

And let's just ignore the art. We know: "LAAAAAAAAAND!"

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After the 6-issue sojourn to China, we catch up with everyone's favourite Manchurian candidate, Sharon Carter, and her retconned-aunt (used-to-be-sister) Peggy. They have a lot in common, starting with both having fucked Steve.


Apr. 10th, 2009 12:33 pm
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For all those trilogies that went sour after the first one...

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Ben Caldwell, who's working on the Wondy segment of the upcoming Wednesday Comics weekly, has been posting art teases at his blog. There's some fairly cool stuff and some vague suggestions of plot as well.

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In the late 90's, Rob Liefeld hired Alan Moore to revamp Liefeld's "Awesome Universe," the superhero universe of such characters as Supreme and Glory. Moore's version of Supreme, which was something of a Superman pastiche/homage, is fairly well-known to fans, and a lot of people have sung its praises. Somewhat less well-known is Alan Moore's proposed revamp of Glory, which would have followed along similar lines, using Wonder Woman instead of Superman as a template. There were some troubles with Liefeld's company around the time it was set to come out, so not much in the way of actual comic book work materialized. However, Liefeld did end up publishing Alan Moore's outline for the revamp, alongside a bunch of other stuff, in a one-shot called "Alan Moore's Awesome Universe Handbook."

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

It's quite the fascinating read, as Moore shares some thoughts on early Wonder Woman comics and the way mythology tends to be approached in shared universe superhero comics. It's an intriguing peak at what might have been if Liefeld had only run a tighter ship. And it's a testament to Moore's skill as a writer that this mere proposal, by itself, is more interesting, imaginative, and charming, probably even more intelligent, than most superhero comics being published these days. I especially like his description of the Diamond Chariot, the equivalent to Wonder Woman's Invisible Plane that he comes up with. Oh, so many possibilities.

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[insanejournal.com profile] sir_razorback has been helping us maintain the tags but there have been some, er... absolutely mangled posts. We're looking for one or two volunteers to help out with this most thankless of tasks: tag wrangling. We're looking for an ongoing commitment, but if at any time you're bored of wrangling, let us know and we'll sell you back your soul.

What: fix mistagged posts, identify tags for deletion and renaming
When: while you browse the comm
Reward: our undying gratitude

* Obviously we still expect you (the comm at large) to tag your own posts, and to help out with untagged posts when the urge strikes.
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I feel an urge to spread some Apollo/Midnighter love, so here's a few random pretties from various places, plus a snippet from The Breaks, which is one of the other stories in the Earth Inferno and other Stories TPB.

For anyone not familiar, Apollo and Midnighter are part of the Authority, a team of superheroes who strive for a finer world by tackling not only supervillians and alien threats, but also the injustices that humankind perpetrate on each other. The two were originally conceived as Superman and Batman equivalents, hence the resemblance, with the added wrinkle that they're a canon couple. They're now married, in a wedding that took the rhetoric of "could they be more gay?"and considered it a challenge, and have an adopted daughter, Jenny Quantum, who's the spirit of the 21st Century. I am more than a little charmed by the notion that the spirit of the 21st century is being raised by two dads. And here's living proof that Apollo is like the best dad ever:

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

They also let their daughter smoke and wear ugg boots, but let's not go there.


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