Apr. 28th, 2009

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This is from Batman 246 - Story by Frank Robbins, Art by Dick Dillin, Irv Novick and Dick Giordano

It's one of those covers that I'm sure just LEAPT off of the gets endlessly repeated by those with delightfully prurient minds.. in other words the entire membership of scans_daily!

But what goes on inside this testament to the perils of dabbling with autoerotic asphyxiation horror and fear? This masterclass in "Sidekick in peril"-dom? Now the story can be told... well, selected chunks of it. (I think this totals out at around 7 pages from a 23 page story.)


Apr. 28th, 2009 08:40 am
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Thriller is quite possibly one of the most underrated and forgotten gems from modern comics. It was a critical and commercial failure by the standards of the day, but it still holds up as a sharp and compelling comic book series. Robert Loren Fleming gave life to a great cast of odd and inviting characters without giving in to cliché and Trevor Von Eeden is the one who shaped the idea with a wildly imaginative vision. Perhaps what made Thriller unique is what killed it. How Thriller was ever released in the first place by DC Comics seems like a fluke, but the proof is in the short lived run: there was no comic out there like it and there never will be.

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Ladies and gentlemen… THRILLER )
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Oh you knew it was coming. From The Long Halloween and Dark Victory

Some of their many fabulous moments...
And trust me, it's worth it coz Sale draws a gorgeous Selina and a handsome Bruce...

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Although this is the penultimate profile from the Corps 101 series posted on DC's The Source, we've already seen the layout for the Black Lanterns that they are going to post tomorrow.

Today's feature is, obviously, the Star Sapphires of the Violet light.

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Newsarama has some pages from the special #25. Here are some pics for S_D Newsarama's Preview of #25, Buffy Season 8 blog.

Oh yeah, preview spoilers ahoy!

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When I'm this bored only sexual innuenndo and Powergirl can cure me...


So, with this as a starting point,create the dialog between Powergirl and Stargirl as PeeGee makes her big move , (or is it Stargirl that does ???????)

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Thor #601

Apr. 28th, 2009 08:10 pm
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Also, (according to Wikipedia and other sources) one of the holidays in Latveria is Doom's Day, an eclectic holiday that is celebrated whenever Doom declares it. Does anyone know what issues have featured this holiday?
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The Arsenal mini-series ran from October 1998 to January 1999 and was written by Devin Grayson with some pretty bad art by Rick Mays. It features Roy Harper aka Speedy aka Arsenal aka Red Arrow and his Issues. And boy, does he have a lot of them, from "Green Arrow never raised me right" (Ollie had died 3 years earlier in our time, more recently in comics time) to "I used to be a drug addict" to "I don't know where I belong!" and the most important one "I can't find a good babysitter!"


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