May. 2nd, 2009

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We've been asked how much FCBD stuff is appropriate to post here. The books are free and some of them are being partially/fully made available online by the publishers and creators. So our official modly stance on how much of it we can post is: ALL OF IT BB. Keep to seven pages per poster, in order spread the love around, but we won't be enforcing an upper limit.

But do be mindful that FCBD is a promotional effort to bring new readers into smaller shops, and that's A Good Thing.
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So watching the BSG prequil "Caprica" many people have compared it to Fritz Langs " Metropolis" , But I see alot of Omac in it. A hedonistic society in the final stages of driving right off a cliff....


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...and here is some webcomics!

Dawn of Time

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Sam and Fuzzy

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Due to the nature of the gag I am just going to post the linky here so that it doesn't break any rules...
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This is my First Post so I thought I'd keep it simple and easy. I've read the rules and I hope this all goes right.

Here's the origin one of my (inexplicably) favourite C-list villains, The Shocker.

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For some reason, this story wasn't included in the Onslaught complete series, despite being a brilliant story.
See how thing would probably work in reality for Cain Marko.

First attempt at this so please be helpful
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Many of you are probably already familiar with randomguy's "I'm a Marvel and youre a Dc..." line of stop motion action figure awesomeness. I was delighted to find out he now owns a Deadpool figure...

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4 scans from Batgirl #07.
writer: Kelley Puckett, penciller: Damion Scott

Being to compared to Jason Todd, in the Batman mythos, is a Bad Thing. According to the orthodox editorial meta, being like Jason means being angry, badly trained, and reckless. Jason Todd is widely depicted as the Bad Robin - first he died, and now he's back, meta wants to make him "irredeemable".

It's generally admitted that Steph was like Jason. (Even Robins represent.)

Before that, there was the time *Cass* was like Jason. )
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You know, I was going to say the X-Men look weirder than these denizens of the underground, but on second thought, maybe not. This is the cover by Rand Holmes to the 1974 book A HISTORY OF UNDERGROUND COMICS by Mark James Estren. Let's see who's at the party.


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