May. 7th, 2009

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Here's a few pages from WARRIOR# 12, August 1983, part of the ongoing Bojeffries Saga by Alan Moore and Steve Parkhouse. (I see the collected stories are available on eBay and not a bad way to use some expendable income.) These remind me of Henry Kuttner's classic Hogben series, which ran in 1940s pulps. Those involved a hillbilly family whose members had a mind-blowing array of unusual traits and powers; because of the print medium, much was left suggested to let the readers' imaginations supply some details. I don't know if Alan Moore ever read the Kuttner stories, and the resemblance is not overwhelming but it would be nice to know if he ever mentioned the influence in any interviews.

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The 11th Star Trek movie comes out tomorrow, and the Trekker in me knows the plot is going to go beyond "how everyone met each other at the Academy." (Which, according to William Shatner, they kicked around as a plot for Star Trek VI.) But I do wonder about...

EDIT: Two pages removed.

Tarzan Vulcan Girl after the cut. )
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Bizarrely, both League of Extraordinary Gentlemen and Astro City, books known for their history of lateness and erratic scheduling, managed to come out this week. If the last issue of Planetary had come out too, I think the universe would have sunk into some abyss of improbability.

Two pages from the latest League volume, Century, follow.

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Batman #414, #421, #422; 7 scans from each issue, plus the cover.

These three issues form a bigger story arc. The basic plot is such: there's been a series of killings of young women in Gotham, and Batman is searching the murderer. There are a few headdesky plot points, but don't let that drive you away: it's a very good story. #422 especially is wonderfully constructed, but the rest is nonetheless interesting on its own.

I'm posting it because it's an arc than ran during Jason's period as Robin, and though Jason only appears in #422, the story deals with some themes that are inherently linked to his character. Emotional involvement, anger issues, the difference between what is “just” and what is legal, attitude toward women-as-victims, all of which are expanded upon. My comments regarding how the action relates to Jason's character are in italics.

Batman #422 is Jason's last appearance before Garzonas, in Batman #424.

7 scans from Batman 414 + cover )

7 scans from Batman 421 + cover )

7 scans from Batman 422 + cover )
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Alrighty folks, this is a bit of a re-post of the Spider-Man and Ghost Rider comic that I received as a little kid and had posted to the old comm. It prominently features the SkyDome and other Toronto Blue Jays-related things. Why? Because the Rogers Centre SkyDome was new back then, and the Jays were playing well, and the world was out to get me, that's why. (Over-exposure to baseball-related things as a kid made me hate the sport for many years. But enough of my bitterness, on with the comics!)

(Six interior pages and one cover under the cut.)

Anywho, I also wanted to let you guys know about the Toronto Comics Arts Festival that's happening this weekend in Toronto, if you're nearby.

They literally have a gazillion comics creators attending (seriously, just look at the guest list) and it's all free and happening at the Toronto Reference Library! Fun!

That is all.
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Every now and then, we need to refresh ourselves with a sample from a few of the masterpieces of comics art gone by. POGO is always good, KRAZY KAT too. THIMBLE THEATRE, THE SPIRIT, a few others. A moment with Winsor Mcay is always worth taking. Here's a strip from Sunday, February 9, 1913.
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Here's something you don't see everyday...
A Christmas one-shot from 1984 featuring some characters you've never seen before, and haven't seen since. And from a hundred page DC digest*, as well....
*The digest series was usually always reprint material*
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Mark Waid brings up one of the chief complaints people have about the way Superman's secret identity is handled (no, not the glasses), as he provides a little more backstory on the Plutonian, the man who went from the world's greatest hero to its worst villain.

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