Batman: The Brave and the Bold - Legends of the Dark-Mite preview images!

www.worldsfinestonline.com has images and videoclips from "Legend of the Dark Mite" up. This is due to be broadcast May 29th, and has Pee-Wee Herman as the voice of Bat-Mite...

See all the images here. The images there are HUGE, wallpaper sized without any problem at all, and do include some very nice "oil-painting" style splashes of notable Batvillains...

Oh this is going to be FUN!

The start of a beautiful friendship.

Hello. My name is Roily Rogue and I am a Logurt fan. Logurt, for those who don't know, stands for Logan/Kurt aka Wolverine/Nightcrawler. I am hopelessly hooked on these two and their friendship in any way, shape or form. Recently, I got a hold of the first Essential X-men volume, because I wanted to study how the bond came about. After reading the beginning, I have more questions than I started with.

Behold the very earliest examples of Logurt.

Batman #413: Jason smiles.

Someone was asking for interaction between Jason and Alfred pre-death, so it reminded me that I was going to make a post on Jason in Batman #413.

Adoptive Amazon, part 1 (Introducing Cassie)

* Credit to JRhode and arrlaari for the series title.

With the Bat-boys gone, the traditional position of Titan Leadership has been left open in both current teams of Titans, and on both teams, the resident Wonder has stepped up to the plate.

Now, this certainly makes sense for Donna, who's well-respected by her teammates, has a history of command with the amazons and the Darkstars, and is generally a competent, charismatic person with a high emotional IQ, all good traits for the job. But what about Cassie? If you've been reading TEEN TITANS since she joined the title, you could be excused for thinking that a pet rock would do a better job. Up until very recently, she's been a flat, lifeless superpowered Mean Girl with no real purpose or interest in life outside of chasing boys with status and cutting down everyone else. Even since McKeever had her reject Ares' influence and reinvent herself, she's been becoming tolerant and competent only slowly, and is still mostly a non-entity on the team.

But it was not always so! There was a time when she genuinely deserved to wear the double-double, when she was a Wonder Girl in truth and quite a likable character. Let us wander back, then, to those Halcyon days, and meet the girl who earned her symbol as few heroes do.

Next time: Our new Wonder learns more about her powers, acquires a rogue, and survives a relatively literal trial-by-fire.

That's got to be the best pirate I have ever seen

Looks like someone wants to out-sparrow Jack Sparrow.

Method in his madness, you say? Surly, your chest.

CBR has the covers and teasers for August mutant titles

This is still Deadpool week, right?

Life and Times of Scrooge McDuck (Part 1/2)

Because Disney comics need more love.

I live in Norway, and the biggest comic star on the Norwegian market is Donald Duck -- yep, you read that right. The weekly Disney anthology comic book, Donald Duck & Co. (which features lots of Disney characters but consistantly has the Duck as the flagship char, since in Scandinavia he is much more popular than Mickey Mouse), sells roughly one million copies every week, not to mention all the related specials and collections of classic stories...

Everybody has read at least one Disney comic in their lives, and this is so ingrained in the Norwegian soul that if you say "comic book" to your average Norwegian, said average Norwegian will instantly think "Disney," most likely "Donald Duck."

By contrast, in Disney's country of origin, U.S.A., the majority of people don't even seem aware of the huge amount of Disney comics out there. Sure, a fair few of these comics are absolute crap -- but a lot of them are really good too.

And here is one of the really good ones.


Adventure, comedy and tragedy behind the cut! )

Quicksilver: Lying is the way to go.

Greetings True Believers! I wanted to share two pages from The Mighty Avengers #24. These bits made me laugh. In this issue, Quicksilver is running around the globe, following Pym's Avengers and trying to join the team. After helping them defeat the monster of week, he gives an interview.....

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The Almighty wants his bowl of Mighty Dog Chow

Forget the Infinity Gauntlet. That thing can be removed, even from the omnipotent.

This is by far more formidable.

has the Marvel August full previews

Dan Dare, Pilot of the Future

The incomparably awesome [insanejournal.com profile] grey_bard gave me a compilation of the 1950's adventure comic Dan Dare, Pilot of the Future: Prisoners of Space. It's mostly a cheerfully wholesome space adventure, so I feel dirty-minded by sharing these two panels with you. Just try to imagine what it was like to live in an age this innocent:

The author was British.
fag -noun
9.Chiefly British. drudgery; toil.
10.British Informal. a younger pupil in a British public school required to perform certain menial tasks for, and submit to the hazing of, an older pupil.
11.a drudge.

This picture from the end is large, so it's under a cut:
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So, I cross-posted all my posts to the old s_d to my personal LJ. Mostly, some of you will recall, it was Golden Age Wonder Woman. If people are interested, I'll repost them here. Let me know!

It's about to get REALLY colourful as our villain meets his nemesis-to-be - Crazy Quilt Pt 2

Well, after Crazy Quilt had made such an impression on the Boy Commandos, it would be three years before he would appear again, and prove to be a threat to the one boy who can NEVER go commando...

From 1952's Star Spangled Comics 123 (Which was the first title to feature Robin's solo adventures)