May. 27th, 2009

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So, way back when, the X-Factor was a team that combated mutant prejudice by pretending to be mutant-hunters who captured dangerous mutants, who of course they advertised as being so dangerous you needed specially-trained operatives to come in and round them up. This didn't go over well. So, Marvel did what it always does when their heroes act like idiots: Reveal it was all someone else's fault!

In this case, Cameron Hodge, the team's PR man, turned out to be a member of The Right (unfortunately, this was before Peter David's run on the title, so Hodge was never protected by the Right Guard, yuk yuk), an anti-mutant organization he created. Really, who starts an anti-mutant organization when there are already forty billion out there? On LJ, you'd get yelled at for creating a fourth Wolverine/Rogue comm.

Hodge betrayed the team and went all supervillain on them, driving Angel to pretend-suicide, kidnapping mutants for experiments, and finally kidnapping Angel's girlfriend Candy Southern, who despite the name is neither a stripper or a gay porn star.

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One of the things that aggravates me about Spider-man's "new direction" is that in addition to attempting to take Peter's character back several years (and thus making him a loser, basement dwelling man-child) they've also been rewinding the clock on several members of his supporting cast.

Take, for example, J. Jonah Jameson, who's been returned to his Spidey-hating roots and now that seems to be the entirety of his character again. A damn shape after several years where Triple-J was shown, not to be just a great newspaperman but sometimes, a great man as well. Okay, still a cigar chomping a-hole, but not exclusively so. Take, for example, his cameos in Uncanny X-men #337-#346, where he proves himself to be the kind of guy I could buy the people of New York voting for.


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