Jun. 7th, 2009

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Greetings True Believers! I think the WEEK OF DOOM was a success! Doom thought our meager efforts were....adequate. Soon the all the world will blossom under the guiding hand of Victor Von Doom. Soon we will all know the tranquility of Pax Doom.

In honor of that coming peace, I leave you with a single page from the recent mini-series Dr. Doom and the Masters of Evil. It's one of the funniest recap pages I've seen in a while. Enjoy!

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Greetings True Believers! After spending a week singing the praises of Doctor Doom, I'd thought I'd spend a moment on his most accursed foe. Reed Richards. Sometimes a story or scene or even a panel so perfectly defines a character, you kind of want to frame it. Another perfect example is the one Quicksilver X-Factor page by He-Who-Shall-Not-Be-Named. This was posted on the Scans_Daily-That-Was. But I felt that it deserved another round.

These scans are from Fantastic Four #60/489. The story is that Reed has hired a PR firm to power up the image of the FF. So this PR agent follows them around for week and gets to know them. He realizes the true heroic natures of Reed/Sue/Ben and Johnny. But everyone wonders, why did Reed hire them in the first place? Why does he care? Find out.

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Well, I have multiple moments for multiple characters in mind, but I've had this scanned for ages and no excuse to post it, so...

Why I like Captain Cold, in a nutshell.

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This page perfectly sums of my undying love Batman, and also best proves my theory that the best Batman scenes are from not-Batman titles. It's likely my second favorite comic book page ever.

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From Blue Beetle #28, 2 pages + 1 preview image, not my scans. In this issue, an old nemesis of Blue Beetle I, Dan Garrett, has surfaced in El Paso. Meet Dr. Mephistopheles and his beastly associate, circa 1940:

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The second DC Comics Star Trek series did a three-part series called "Star-Crossed" about the romance between James T. Kirk and Carol Marcus. This part takes a look at Jim spending some time with his family. This is the "original timeline" rather than the "alternate timeline" from the new movie.

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Greetings True Believers! Captain America is a character that practically made of perfect moments. Everyone knows that Cap has the secret mutant power of the "Inspirational Speech" Because of it, he rallies armies, Gods follow him into battle, enemies become friends and he teaches whole generations of heroes.

These scans have what I consider the "The Speech" which totally defines Steve Rogers and what he stands for. (What we should all stand for.) It's from Amazing Spider-Man #537, during the Civil War event. Peter has just switched sides and he's screwed up the fight, putting his family in danger and what people are saying about him. So he asks Cap a very important question.

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While Batman is my favorite character, I like plenty of others. One of whom is Superman. I don't think I need to tell you that Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely's All Star Superman is a great book. Basically a "best of" Superman's Themes comic, issue #10 is the "best of" of A*S, hitting all of the right notes in a "day in the life" for Supes.

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Insipired by [insanejournal.com profile] proteus_lives post here, may I proposes a new theme week for scans_daily 2.0


A celebration of those moments which just define a character.

Here's your chance to post the scene which, to you, summarises what makes a particular character work!

Here are my suggested guidelines.

  • It could be a single panel, it could be a scene, but the emphasis should be on "moment", so let's say.... two pages absolute maximum, and they have to be from the same issue of a title.

  • No fanfic, it has to be canon from a published title. (Sadly that precludes the Black Cat's output :( )

  • It can be a hero, villain, supporting character or whatever. They've all had magnificent moments.

  • And it doesn't have to be from superhero comics of course, the perfect Little Nemo moment, the scene with the Cryptkeeper which gave you PROPER nightmares, the Bash Street Kids summarised in a single panel, or whatever.

  • And of course, we can have multiple moments for the same character.

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Hello I'm a lurker here and I think it's about damn time I post something, and this is a perfect chance for that, so here's one perfect moment for the Doom Patrol.
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The following is my most favorite, most perfect DC moment of all times. It's my favorite comic page ever, from my favorite comic series of all times. It likely won't make much sense out of context, but it's the only page I have scanned from Enginehead. Enjoy.

Enginehead #6 )
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So here I am, perusing the internet as I'm waiting for 1 vs 100 to start on XBox Live (Seriously, I need a life), and I find this little gem. Dunno how old this is, but I'd never seen it before, so I'm sharing with you. Potentially not safe for work? I dunno.

Christian Bale on the Batman/Superman debacle? )
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First, great idea for a theme!

So you have amazing powers that can move planets and take over the world,but when the end finally comes and you face oblivion ? Maybe you think you should have used your powers for something else...

From Crisis on Infinite Earths 1

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If I have a perfect moment, this one be one of them. One of those air punching moments and a "oh hells yes!" It's not anything personal against Warren, a character I rather like, but that this moment seemed a perfect response to Chuck Austen's particular direction in personal relationships and a rebuttal to the whole "X-men as family" ethos, which stopped being true some time in the early nineties. Or maybe it's just the art that makes this so... satisfying.

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This showed up in the back of a Superman comic, I think; the bit where Hal Jordan decides what the world needs is another Justice League. There was something about it that really bothered me, and I am wondering if it was just me.

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Yeah. I'm wondering if this is bothering anyone else.
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I've posted this before, as I've posted all of what I consider to be Steph's best moments in the Super Steph Series, but here's out of all of them, what I think is the best:

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One of the all-time moments of Batdickery is in BATMAN #600 where Batman says to Nightwing, Robin, Batgirl and Oracle "There is no Bruce Wayne." He doesn't care about finding out who killed Vesper Fairchild and clearing "Bruce Wayne" of murder. Ed Brubaker said he wanted to explore the "There is no Bruce Wayne" idea and show it's a fallacy. And he does that a few issues later.

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I really wanted to post this originally when I first came to scans daily. But I never had the chance too, until now. In honor the of the 25th Anniversary. I have some TMNT scans, probably the greatest among them. I give you from TMNT vol. 1 #21, Return to New York Part III, aka Leonardo vs the Shredder. Dial Uppers be warned.

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