Jun. 22nd, 2009

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From AICN, of all places, here is a pic of Daken serving Norman Osborn a fresh hot refreshing cup of STFU.

More of the preview and spoilers at the link, among other previews.

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Announced at Heroes Con 2009 X-Men Panel... not only the return of the X-Babies but some rather unexpected characters

X-Babies, an October-launching miniseries by Gregg Schiegel and Jacob Chabot that brings the X-Babies of the Mojoverse back to the forefront

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New previews from Wonder Woman: Rise of the Olympian - part 8

I will skip my usual complaints and just Wonder about this image.

From IGN.

*edit* sorry it took me so long to fix the LJ cut
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The greatest twist in the rivalry with the Shredder and the Turtles. Plus an interesting side of the Shredder we rarely see. Some Slash love will be seen too. Oh and some maskless Shredder will be had as well.
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From March 1946...

My philosophy is that animals in general are more dangerous than commonly thought. We've glamorized and idealized them way beyond their true natures are. Pandas look ever so adorable and are generally docile in captivity. But you never know. As their habitat shrinks and they turn more toward eating meat occasionally, I would not be surprised to hear of a panda attack now and then. They're not exactly small and helpless little guinea pigs, either.


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