Jul. 11th, 2009

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Oh Wade. You naughty scamp.

When someone brings out the best in you, you want to make sure the love just keeps on going.
Such a romantic.

Previews from IGN.

As for the dream sequence... yeah, it's pretty f'ed up. But then again, so is the dreamer.

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A nice moment of accidental meta, courtesy of the existentially-troubled narrator of 'Berserk':

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In case you haven't heard, Ryan Reynolds has been cast as Hal Jordan in the upcoming Green Lantern movie to be directed by Martin Campbell and written by Marc Guggenheim. He beat out finalists Bradley Cooper and Justin Timberlake.

Thoughts, comments, picture for legality?

Silence, Gar! Never interrupt a Dick-hug until it has reached full maturation!
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Since the rediscovery of Fletcher Hanks' work, there have been a couple of modern takes on his most famous creation, Stardust the Super-Wizard. Alan Moore didn't hold anything back when Stardust cameo'd in League of Extraordinary Gentleman. A different take on Stardust can be found in Fantastic Comics #24, part of the Next Issue Project put out by Image Comics, with art by Mike Allred. "A Stardust comic illustrated by the guy who did Madman? Awesome!" you may be thinking. Um. Well...

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Some really great art by Brent Anderson.

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One page from Tales of the Teen Titans #80 in which Lian Harper was caucasian and had red hair.

Can we say D'AWWWW )

I also have a question, concerning that image of Batman with an orange(?) chainsaw. I can't find the image but someone here has an icon of it. Does anyone know the context of it?

ETA: Thanks to everyone who answered, I knew I could count on s_d! I didn't know chainsaws were appropriate autopsy equipment, but I've been wrong before.
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Seems like we got a lot of Stardust comics being posted recently. Here is one I drew a few months ago.

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And so it came to pass, there was a tournament held in the Seven Cities of Heaven.

Herein lies two fights. One at the end of Round 1. And the other at the beginning of Round 2.
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This is my last Silver Age post. Tomorrow it's back to the Golden Age.

Golden Age Steven Trevor was a cool guy. He wasn't in the least intimidated by the fact that his girlfriend could overpower him with one hand tied behind her back (which it often was), he thought she was the bee's knees. Plus he did plenty of heroic stuff on his own, without any superpowers.

Silver Age Steven Trevor, however, was a dick.

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I bring you some scans from the Jason story from Legends of the Dark Knight #100. With huge thanks to [insanejournal.com profile] islwyn who encouraged me to go hunting for this, I found it a very enjoyable issue. Please excuse the slight wonkyness of the scans, my scanner hates me.

It's six months after Jason's training began and he's now an officially trained Robin. He's been really happy all day. This is running concurrently with flash-forwards to Bruce searching for Jason when Jason was searching for his mother during A Death In The Family. This little bit with Alfred, Bruce and Jason was what sparked my love for the story, though.

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