Jul. 16th, 2009

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Greetings True Believers! I bring you Deadpool! Also we mark the evolution of his "Frienemy" relationship with Bullseye. So enjoy the awesome!

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Well I must admit, it looks like Carol and Karl look like twins in this issue and wow everythign looks so pretty, too pretty. Looks like a good fight though. Look at that cover, what is Spidey, wolverine and deadpool doing to Karl? http://www.newsarama.com/php/multimedia/album.php?aid=29441 and the purpose of this and legal purpose, the first page, Look at the
panel with Wolverine side chin, does it look weird to you? I does, the perspective look kinda off but then again, maybe it's suppose to be that way. Wow, Karl and Carol sure do look like twins.

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A bit of Harley/Ivy discussion brought this issue of The Batman Adventures to my attention; it addresses the design change Ivy underwent in Batman TAS, and while it's a really interesting explanation, it's also horribly depressing (to me). In addition, it features Alec Holland, the man who would become Swamp Thing.

A bit of set-up: in the previous chapter Batgirl sprayed Ivy with weedkiller, leaving her weak and injured.

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(edit note: swapped from embedded thumbnails to full images; there's an appreciable amount of images in here, so you may either like or hate that. Use your own discretion.)

Ultimate Vision is still a heavy-thinking robot that can phase through things.

The difference is...

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After Schmevil posted the latest PFSC, and there was a discussion in the comments about one-shots versus continued arcs, I felt the need to post this: one of my favourite arcs.

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Remember Katarina Armstrong? She was the second Spy Smasher, appearing in Birds of Prey #100-108 (collected in the trades "Blood and Circuits" and "Dead of Winter," for those who are interested).

Katarina returned this week in Final Crisis Aftermath: Escape #3, written by Ivan Brandon and illustrated by Marco Rudy.


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