Jul. 27th, 2009

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Busiek's announced that, after the Dark Age is finished, there will be no more Astro City mini-series for the foreseeable future.

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Okay. A while ago, I got into a spirited discussion with thehefner over on this page about our conflicting views of what consitues 'The Joker'. I generally preferred the Manchester-Grin version as seen in The Dark Knight, Azarello & Bermejo's Joker OGN, and (to a different degree), Grant Morrison's Batman run; he is more in favour of the DCAU, classic Joker with the purple suit and generally wacky behaviour.

This post is a sort of a capstone to that, containing pages from one of the best stories I've ever ever read featuring that latter DCAU version, one which also explores, to some degree, his chaotic personality. It was a crossover with Dark Horse - oddly enough, crossing over two 'TV Series' incarnations of characters in a comic book rather than their comic personas - and it began with the Joker failing to blow up a museum due to incompetent henchmen...until he came across a small piece of wood.

What resulted is entitled Joker/Mask, and it may be one of the Screwiest, funniest books I have ever come across. The book I scanned from is 96 pages long; here are approximately 20 of those pages.


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For Monday morning in the USA I bring you unbridled cuteness to lighten the day

I've posted artist specific sketchcards in the past, and I recently found these from the new "X-Men Archives" set, the sketchcards by the Katie Cook, an artist whose cute style is utterly charming, and infinitely flexible.

I can thoroughly recommend checking out her website here, where she covers ever pop culture fanbase going (Sriously, she even manages to make ObiWan watching the recording of Anakin killing the Jedi "younglings" look cute and sad (as opposed to the movie, which made it somehow hilarious, or maybe that was just me).

She posted these herself on the Scoundrel Art Community forum, so I don't feel guilty for posting them here.

A couple of my favourites at a large size. followed by LOTS of images I'm pretty much expecting to see as icons within two days!

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Look, a kanga!

When Wondy was Awesome part 21 is up, finishing off the Rucka chapters and volume 2. Subsequent posts can be here again, yay!

And, because [insanejournal.com profile] runespoor7 and I were talking about it a few posts back,
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Bluefall's recent WWwA posts got me to thinking about one of my favorite and highly unappreciated couples. The best two Wondie supporting cast characters ever and I had to create both of their comicvine pages myself. It's a crying shame, that's what it is.
But here I am, ready to educate the masses on the awesomeness of their relationship.
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As a kid, DICK TRACY seemed more nightmarish to me than most outright horror comics. The art was so strange, flat and claustrophic. The villains WERE villains, not anti-heroes with a noble streak but just heartless human monsters who were usually physically deformed in some way. And the strip was violent. Tracy had no code against killing, he was not a masked avenger or secret operative or millionaire playboy investigating crimes. He was a cop. Period. When the shooting started, he usually sent a bullet tunneling through the crook's head (which left a neat little hole.. Chester Gould's art was weird). At the same time, even the likeable secondary characters wandering in and out were eccentric. It was an odd strip, but immensely popular in its day and influential. The grotesque bad guys with a visual gimmick were used by the pulps and later by Batman and other comics heroes.

In 1944, Dick Tracy took on the Brow. This charmer was a Nazi spy working the USA despite his conspicuous appearance. Both ears had been cut off in a knife fight and he had a high, deeply furrowed forehead. The Brow got hold of the Summer Sisters, May and June... these were a pair of unreliable would-be actresses who were not above picking pockets or pulling a con, making their way in the big city by their wits but they got in over their heads this time.

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What do you get when you cross a werewolf with giggling, babbling insanity? Why it's next up on Firestorm's Black Lantern list: The Hyena! (dial-up beware)
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In the comments to her Avengers post below, volksjager requested the debut of Ms. Marvel's lightning-bolt costume. So forthwith I present to you one and 2/3 pages from Ms. Marvel v.1 issue 20, October 1978, in which we are -


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