Aug. 1st, 2009

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The tale of the Cyborg Superman. From his homage to the Fantastic Four in his first appearance, a bit with a tragic edge, to the evolution of being among Superman's greatest foes.


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In the final months of the threeboot book the Legion was joined by the young M'rissy. At the time I thought it was obviously how Shooter saw himself in his early years writing the Legion but went on to discover the name M'rissy is actually referring to a fan of the Legion who had since died, Rich Morrissey. (His writings about Coluan Lifespans, from the Legion Fanzine 'legion outpost' is available in 'the best of the Legion outpost' on amazon)
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On this forum I can think of only one or two word combos which guarantee;

A) An instant desire, nay, IMPERATIVE to click on a link and

B) A delightful way to pass a couple of minutes on a Saturday

And in this case, the word-combo is not "Tied-up Dick Grayson", but far, far better than that (And consider who it is saying that!)

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Given the extreme unlikeliness that she's going to continue being Batgirl, how is Cass going to continue her superheroic career? Well, given the game of musical chairs going on in the Gotham cape community (and the need to maintain copyrights and trademarks)...


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