Aug. 4th, 2009

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Over on noscans, in a thread about comic book architecture, there was a little talk about the Batman Black & White story about the guy who wanted to do a coffee table book on the Kooky Funky Anthropomorphized Object Buildings of Gotham, and a request to repost. So I give you 2 1/2 pages of an 8 page story, "Urban Renewal," by Will Pfeifer and Brent Anderson.
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  Seriously, I had a real wierd dream last night.  I had some bad mexican food and got pretty sick, and what do I dream about?  Spider-Man.  I was dreaming of an issue that dosen't exist yet, it takes place in between the last two panels of that Ultimate Spidey post where Cap finds him under the rubble and he opens his eyes.

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Today's scans are about the same Fun Clinics mentioned in yesterday's. They're from "The Malice of the Green Imps", originally published in Sensation Comics #28 in 1944, reprinted in Wonder Woman Archives Volume 4. (Those volumes are indispensable for the Golden Age Wonder Woman geek.)

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I love obscure comics and manga mostly because they are most of time worth the effort to checks out because it's things I've never seen before, and sometimes they are so much better then what's well known. This is one of those but I warn you, your mileage will most likely very.
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I thought this was the best of the DC/Marvel books. It has alot of fun with timetravel and the various versions of the Legion...

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The Corinthian is, well, so fucking creepy. I don't even know where to begin. Seriously, I haven't had that many nightmares about a fictional character since kindergarten (about, er, Captain Hook!). Obviously, though, that was the intention. :P
Anyway, I've decided to start reading as many of the Sandman spinoffs as I can find, beginning with Gaiman's Death miniseries which I posted earlier. The Corinthian: Death In Venice is written by Darko Macan and illustrated by Danijel Zezelj (??) and was, frankly, quite disappointing. Not scary at all. It seemed to be trying to channel Ann Rice, but failing. HE EVEN LOOKS LIKE BRAD PITT
Without further ado, scans:
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These clips are from THE AVENGERS# 5, May 1964 and #7, August 1964. Script by Stan Lee, art by Jack Kirby. Tony Stark has to wear the Iron Man chestplate all the time, because it keeps a piece of shrapnel from moving into his heart. When he lets the armor's power run down, that piece of metal instantly starts digging deeper, causing pain, dizziness and weakness. (This didn't seem the way such an injury would actually work, but it was great drama.) We got a lot of panels of a tortured Iron Man crawling doggedly toward an outlet to recharge his chestplate; he was quite the suffering hero, having to use up his power in a fight and then pay for it. Despite having a damaged heart that could only be kept functioning with machinery, the idea of quitting cigarettes didn't seem to occur to Tony, though. Steve Rogers and Bruce Wayne and Reed Richards smoked pipes, Nick Fury and Ben Grimm lit up stogies. But Tony was satisfied with a pack of Lucky Strikes. (I would have loved it if Kirby or an inker had added one panel of Iron Man with a cancer stick protruding from the grille of the Iron Man helmet. Just once.)

1964 might as well be another planet if you're in your twenties today. People smoked EVERYWHERE. Airplanes, restaurants, movie theatres, stadiums. Nobody thought anything of it. People smoked in supermarkets and ground out the butts on the floor. Doctors smoked in their offices. Teachers smoked (but students weren't allowed to). After the Surgeon General started hitting the public over the head with a 2X4 about the dangers of tobacco, habits gradually changed and laws were changed. Today, you see the furtive "cigarette outlaws" sullenly huddled outside buildings on their breaks. But it wasn't always today.

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Chronicling the Rise and Fall to Rise Again of the Cyborg Superman. You'll find his appearances from Hunter/Prey, Hank and Hal in the Road to Marvel Universe (Silver Surfer/Green Lantern), and Trial of Superman all in here.



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