Aug. 6th, 2009

First Time

Aug. 6th, 2009 03:19 pm
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Howdy,fellow comic books' fans,my name is Chocochuy and I am new to this wonderful site.Lets try to be friends and to keep it clean here (Ok,forget the latter cuz it would quite against what Scans Daily represents,hehehehe).Now I shall leave you a little scan for legality

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This is one of my favorite scenes from Starman, it's not a particular fan favorite like the grand finale or maybe the talks with David, but still this is one my favorite scenes in it because to me this really defines the relationship between both men,Ted and Jack Knight and shows how Jack will grow as a character through out the series.

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Newspaper strips today, with their truncated size and editorial limitations, are but a sad echo of their former glory. So I should not let too many days go by without a sample of the classics. KRAZY KAT. THIMBLE THEATRE. POGO. PRINCE VALIANT. TERRY AND THE PIRATES. MAD. You know, the good stuff.

From 1911, another of Nemo's perplexing dreams. Did that kid eat Welsh rarebit EVERY night or what? He had some imagination. And, as much as I love Winsor McCay's work, I wouldn't mind if he had let an assistant letter the dialogue balloons, they go beyond disorganized.


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