Aug. 8th, 2009

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As an avid Batman fan, I do think that there are several reasons why the Bat-verse stands so high among readers and is a source for so many great stories, and while the most important reason is up to everyone's own opinion, I think that it is hard to argue that one of the most important reasons isn't the supporting cast, their relationships with each other and the very world they inhabit. They all share a depth and complexity that is unfortunately relatively rare in such abundance in comic books and perhaps even more importantly, they can all be wrong in something. Especially Batman, as he has often been. They are flawed individuals, who just struggle to overcome those flaws and just do the right thing, not always succeeding, and to me makes them so relatable and even more heroic to me.

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MLJ's the Shield was the first patriotic superhero in American comics, but it wasn't until Captain America came around that the trend really took off. Every publisher rushed to jump on the bandwagon and get their own patriotic hero (or several) out on the shelves. Some were fairly mundane, but others... Others were just plain weird.

In this series, I will take a look at some of the odder, more unique examples of the trend. Members of the original scans_daily will probably remember some of them, but others will be brand new.

First, we have Super-American, originally published by Fiction House. The following story originally appeared in Fight Comics #15. Writer unknown, art by Dan Zolnerowich.

Super-American kicks some crypto-Nazi ass... in America! (13 pages under the cut) )

I was originally going to put up dial-up links, but then I noticed that I kept getting errors and reread the rules. So, if anyone out there has a dial-up connection (or has to deal with a wireless connection to a coffee shop), you can go to this folder.
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Just to clarify some discussion from the post I made yesterday, here are some pages from Absolution issue #0. #1 is a flashback to the first time John Dusk deliberately broke the law; #0 is from the "current day."

The pages after the cut are SFW.

four pages after the cut )
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Whats more awesome than the Million Marios take of Quantum Physics? Bart Simpson, with a million of him with everyone else in Springfield. It all starts out when Bart watches Prof Frinks's house while his out. Being the trouble maker that he is, he founds a machine that monitors everyone in town. Then he presses a few buttons. and... well....

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My favorite creator from the Golden Age of Undergrounds, Gilbert Shelton (here aided and abetted by Tony Bell), with Wonder Wart-Hog back in the age of dinosaurs. Not only do we see a Tyrannosaur whose teeth have been knocked out by a fighting-mad super-powered humanoid wart-hog (and how often does THAT happen), not only do we learn how snakes actually lost their legs (it was not millions of years of evolution, as we have been led to believe)... but we see the ancestor of a famous Muppet and the first recorded instance of a famous sound effect. How much history can one page hold?


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