Aug. 25th, 2009

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Ladies and gentlebeings, I present to you: the conquests of MA Storm! I may have missed a couple, and sooner or later I know someone will put up her 616 counterpart's conquests. You know what I mean by conquests, right?

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That's a conquest. That's a conquest of YOU. Source: MA:A # 3
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Sorry for the gap folks who care, work got on top of me.

Here is a reaction to the first issue of this new series. Still working on the art though unfortunately.

Spoilers and low grade art behind cut )

And in an unrelated matter, DC are apparently going to do a Batman Beyond miniseries.

Whether it would be a DCAU series or a DCU one based on a "reimagined" Terry McGinnis, I don't know, but I look forward to it away.
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But Keith Giffen left the book.

They say it was the poster that did him in.

This poster:

Ah yes. The famous compositional style, unique to 80s DC, of people randomly standing around in the air

wonder why nobody does that anymore.

Keith Giffen, I adore Keith Giffen. His career is filled with brilliant ideas that don't work. He's tried everything. Most none of it works. BUT HE DID IT!

He was "co-plotter and designer" for issues #3-#5. That probably means he did breakdowns. He was assisted by Steve Lightle, who draws great robots and weird faces. Inked by Mahlstedt, whose work here raises the eternal question,

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My contribution to the melee...

going back to the classic Wolverine in Japan story (and I hope the Wolverine writers read this and STICK to it like a religion).
For those of you who to young to remember the moment before Wolverine broke out as a star and before he became a parody of himself, a little set up.

Wolverine is in Japan, wooing the hand of the one woman who he loved truly and deeply: the Lady Mariko Yashida. Being the daughter of THE crime boss of all Japan and a faction of the elite ninja tribe/house, the Hand, didn't help Logan. Logan was humiliated and defeated before her by said boss with a mere wooden training sword (although he was poisoned at the time, she didn't know).

But our hero picked himself up, licked his wounds, and goes to redeem his honor. Shingen disapproves, and sends the hand to terminate Logan. And this isn't God-verine, the unkillable. This was back when he was a highly trained but very mortal man. As we reach the big finale of this epic story, we come to this.

Big ol ti, I mean, splash page!

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When the Martial Arts week was suggested/announced, a character by the way of Prometheus was mentioned in the commentary to some amount. To those unaware, Prometheus was a character introduced during the now-legendary JLA run of Grant Morrison, and he was in essence the anti-Batman, both thematically, in appearance and in personality. His criminal parents were shot by the police, causing him to hate justice, after whice he dedicated himself to travel around the world to seek power. Yet unlike Batman, who used that time to rise above his limitations and perfect his methods, Prometheus in turn found a way around using ancient technology, which basically allowed him to download in to his mind different skill sets, say for instance martial arts. Prometheus does not have super powers, but he has several plans for each superhero, as Batman. However, unlike Batman, Prometheus lacks pragmatism, is much more of a showboat, shifts his focus too often and is kind of pathetic, as we are about to see. Even visually they were counterparts, the dark demon of justice in comparison to the bright knight of crime.

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Kyle is pretty much Green Lantern for me, with John as an acceptable side choice. Hal's somewhat dull, Alan never really occurs to me unless I see him on the page, and Guy is a fun supporting character to one of the Lanterns I actually like.

I got into Barry Ween a few years ago, and then found out that Judd Winick was writing Green Lantern at the time. I figured it'd be worth checking out, so I picked up a copy of GL #151.

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Martial Arts Week continues with a fierce fight between Daredevil and the Punisher in DAREDEVIL #257. It is narrated by a criminal named Coppersmith both men are after for different reasons. The Punisher found Coppersmith first. As Ann Nocenti wrote the issue, there is a fair amount of narration.

A big fight and lots of text. )
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We can't have Martial Arts Week without a little Shang-Chi action. From Master of Kung-Fu #30, story by Doug Moench, art by Paul Gulacy & Dan Adkins:
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I've only really got into comic books very recently and as such, do not have an exstensive collection or knowledge of what comic books are any good. I was planning to buy some off Amazon but I recently discovered a market seller who sells back issues of lots of titles. Seeing as how you guys are essentially professors of comic book knowledge I'm wondering if you could recommend some titles to me. I have varied tastes, so pretty much anything is appreciated.
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Whew, this is just poor.In 1966, a Doc Savage movie was planned. This was the phase where the Batman TV series and the James Bond movies were at their peak of popularity. Chuck Connors was chosen to play the Man of Bronze, and he would have been a surprisingly apt choice. Check out the way he looks in the opening of BRANDED and you can see him doing a good job as Doc. THE THOUSAND-HEADED MAN might have started a new franchise. But the movie deal fell through because of a dispute over the rights, and all we have to show for it is a one-shot comic from Gold Key. Unfortunately (although it's a bit of a completist's collectible) the comic just isn't any good. ("Hey mister! I want my lunch money back, this funnybook stinks!")


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