Sep. 2nd, 2009

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MLJ's the Shield was the first patriotic superhero in American comics, but it wasn't until Captain America came around that the trend really took off. Every publisher rushed to jump on the bandwagon and get their own patriotic hero (or several) out on the shelves. Some were fairly mundane, but others... Others were just plain weird.

In this series, I am taking a look at some of the odder, more unique examples of the trend. Members of the original scans_daily will probably remember some of them, but others will be brand new.

This post focus on one of the later. It was one of the many patriotic superheroes that appeared in Quality Comics over the years (the most famous and popular of which was, of course, the company's version of Uncle Sam). This particular character only lasted a few issues of Feature Comics. As far as I know, she was very revived by DC, or anyone else, for that matter, which I think is kind of a shame. The concept is just too odd not to be used somehow.

The following story was originally published in Feature Comics #42. Writer unknown, art by Maurice Gutwirth

What if the Spectre was a patriotic girl? (5 pages under the cut) )

Note: I apologize for the quality of the scans. The originals were rather poor, and while I tried to clean them up the best I could, there was only so much I could do with what little photo editing software I have.
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Of the three Fourth World titles, the Forever People was probably the least of them... basically a reworking of the Golden Guardian concept with space hippies replacing the Newsboy Legion. Still, Jack Kirby is like pizza. Even when there's space hippies, it's still pretty awesome. And one issue of the Forever People easily out-fucked-up anything the Saw franchise tiredness has ever come up with.

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CBR has a teaser image as one of the most interesting characters to develop from the Spiderman clone saga returns.

Warning, big-time spoilers behind the cut.

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Yeah, I kind of dropped the ball on the weekly posts, but the scans have so much time between them that my heart went out of it. Dunno whether I'll keep up, but I'm giving up on the showcase-style posts. Instead, here's my two favorite strips from week six.

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I moved from San Diego back to Austin this week, and have not had time to do more Legion stuff. I do like talking about art on s_d a lot, though, so I decided to just repost something from the old s_d.

Without further ado, here is issue #141 of the Spectacular Spider-Man, by Gerry Conway and Sal Buscema (although I strongly suspect the hand of Janson here).

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Lee and Kirby's RAWHIDE KID featured a lot of human interest plots. This was a trademark of TV Westerns of that era. In addition to all the shootouts and fistfights and galloping horses, much of the plotting involved the Kid getting involved with regular folks and their problems. (Of course, he usually solved their problems with more shootouts and fistfights and galloping horses but hey, this was a Silver Age comic book.) This is from RAWHIDE KID# 19, December 1960, well before those four got in the rocket ship or that student got bit by a spider.

It's important to remember that the Rawhide Kid WAS a kid. He had just turned eighteen when his foster father was killed and he set out to roam the West. Being that age, with the chip on his shoulder of being noticeably short (5'3" or so) AND redhaired, his attempts to settle down incognito never came to much. And, once in a while, being human he felt the twinges of romance, whether he wanted them or not. The fact that he was on the run, with a price on his head (I forget if he was framed or what, but the general population thought he was a murderous criminal), which meant he had to move on whenver his identity was revealed. Being a short redhead teenager made him easy to identify, eh?

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