Sep. 18th, 2009

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One page and some spoilers from this week's Green Arrow/Black Canary after the cut...

Also, the only enjoyable page in this garbage. )

Also, am I missing something or did the Edit Tags button disappear? Ok, I did miss something, but it's all better now, and that's half the battle, amiright? (Thanks, pyrotwilight).

Obvious tag is omitted so as not to spoil the surprise.

title: Green Arrow/Black Canary, char: Oliver Queen/Green Arrow I, char: Dinah Lance/Black Canary II, char: Cupid
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The mighty MODOK has returned and this time, he's set his sight on... his old home town!
But what are his demands?

Modok preview

Tags: creator: ryan dunlavey, char: modok/george tarleton, char:box/madison jeffries, title:modok:reign delay, event:dark reign
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2 page's and one panel from this week's Outsiders #22. Spoilers follow.

Geo-Force = Win! )

tags>> title: outsiders, char: Geo-Force/Brion Markov, char: metamorpho/element man/rex mason, group: outsiders
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The source has the preview for Power Girl 5 up.

recommended tags: char: power girl/kara zor-l/karen starr, title: power girl, creator: amanda conner, creator: jimmy palmiotti, creator: justin gray
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Ah, solicits-time approaches.  In the first batch of previews, the solicit for that month's Incredible Hercules, the third part of "Assault on New Olympus", from

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Greetings True Believers! I got four scans from (Dark) Wolverine #78. It features Daken doing what he does best. Being a dick. He's much better at being a dick then he is at being an avenger.

Read more... )
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As some of you may know, they showed the new line-up for the JLA under James Robinson in a recent ad and since I haven't seen it around here yet, so I thought I would share it and some thoughts I had about the new roster. I initially thought about doing at our sister site, as this post has a lot of words for a single image, but I also wanted to share the page as well. So I'm posting the page first before going to my thoughts on it. I would also recommend reading this Newsarama post, as it has great thoughts and comments on it:


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