Sep. 21st, 2009

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I had thought that all of Zee's appearances from Dini's run on 'Tec had been posted. I was wrong; her first showing was neglected.

recommended tags: char: zatanna zatara, char: batman/bruce wayne, title: detective comics, creator: paul dini, creator: don kramer


Sep. 21st, 2009 03:00 am
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Time once again for you to pester your fellow SDers with requests.

Once a month we will have a requests post where members can ask for certain scans to be posted. Other members seeking inspiration can look through the requests and fulfill someone's dream. Posting a request is no guarantee of its being filled, but request posts will be archived so that members can look through comments from previous months and answer them if they so desire.

The most recent request post will be linked to in the community's profile.

So Scans Daily, what do you want?

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EDIT: The images should be working now.

Over at Spider-Man Crawl Space, they're doing "Spidey Revisions"--fixing the continuity of past comics to make them linear with the current status quo. That is, that Peter and MJ were never married and just lived together instead (but besides that nothing changed!).

Scans under the cut... )
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As you may have heard, Ex Machina is ending soon. As you'd expect, things are really starting to build to a head as the conclusion gets nearer and nearer.

title: ex machina, creator: brian k. vaughan, creator: tony harris, publisher: wildstorm
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Zatanna. Sexy. Beautiful. Talented. Smart. The second best wearer of fishnets in the DCU. Obsession of Paul Dini.

But why can't the girl have a little happiness and find some true love? With today's post from [ profile] sailorlibra as inspiration, here's a look at some moments in Zatanna's search for the Magic of Love. Not dial-up friendly.

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There are some short term changes for the Punisher, and they are LUDRICROUS and I have to question what they are smoking over at Disney/Marvel to come up with this?

Oh yeah, SPOILERS!

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A montage featuring Zee's love life in general from Zatanna: Everyday Magic and a very sad scene between her and Bruce in Superman/Batman #61. This post was inspired by [ profile] thebigapricot's earlier post, which was inspired by my earlier post, which in turn was inspired by my even earlier Zee post, which was inspired by whoever requested it. Overkill, yes? On the other hand, Zee clearly rocks and now you all know it.

recommended tags: char: zatanna zatara, char: batman/bruce wayne, creator: paul dini, creator: francis manapul, creator: michael green, creator: mike johnson, creator: rick mays
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Someone requested old-school Bushmaster and Tasmanian Devil. Here's their first appearances, from Super Friends #8 and 9, respectively.
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A few that I'm interested in.

recommended tags: title: wonder woman, char: wonder woman/diana of themyscira, char: cinderella, char: catwoman/selina kyle, title: gotham city sirens
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One and a half page from Slingers #0, just for kicks. Scans not mine, story credits: Joseph Harris penned, Adam Pollina drawn. Featuring Prodigy (Ritchie Gilmore) and Ricochet (Johnny Gallo).

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Okay, because someone mentioned in my earlier post that Ricochet (of the Slingers) is currently not having much fun in his chosen profession, six pages (out of roughly forty) from Richochet's Slingers #1 (there were four variants of that issue, one for each character, with their POV on the events in that issue).

Scans not mine. Joseph Harris wrote it, ChrisCross pencilled it and it has Richochet (Johnny Gallo) and Hornet (Eddie McDonough).


Sep. 21st, 2009 10:19 pm
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Hey scans dailyers, I totally forgot to keep you guys in the loop with the most important bat-comics - the ones where I make Batman look silly:

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Context: Red Hood has teamed up with a local villain to distract Green Arrow and a visiting Batman, and has kidnapped Speedy. Due to scan limits, I can't post the pure gold that is Bruce and Ollie's dialogue as they follow.

title: green arrow, char: speedy/mia dearden, char: robin/red hood/jason todd, creator: judd winick
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John Byrne really came along toward my cut-off date for comics, so I've seen a good amount of his work but I never really followed it... in the sense of reading each issue as it came out, wondering what was going to happen, that sort of thing. His art seemed more creative and less rushed than it later became (was he inking with a magic marker or what?). Anyway, I know who he is and like his early stuff. But he was in his day the hottest thing in American super-hero comics.

This page is from FANDOM CONFIDENTIAL, a 1982 collection of one pagers done by Jim Engel and Chuck Fiala for THE COMIC READER. These were usually a series of photos of the guys, complete with comic book-style dialogue balloons and inked-in special effects. They ranted about current comics, interviewed Superman (a cardboard stand-up from a movie theatre) or Woody Woodpecker (a hand puppet), and they were consistently funny in the twisted affectionate way fans can be. Here they go to meet Byrne, and we see him at work in his home.


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