Sep. 22nd, 2009

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I was going to stick some of these in a comment, but decided to go ahead & make a post of Zatanna art.Read more... )
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About a year ago, I posted my very first Master Post entry back on scans_daily. It was Giant Size Hernandez Bros. ( ) and it was incedibly fun to do. I was celebrating the release of their latest Love & Rockets volume. Well, the second issue just came out and what can I say? It’s fantastic. I think every time one of these books hits the shelves there should be a parade or some sort of citywide festival. It’s no less than what the Bros.deserve, right? I’m only one person, though, and this Master Post is my humble contribution. HINT: it's got tons of superheroes.


This is a huge post so I’ll keep my dumb mouth shut for the most part. Like last time, I appreciate the present by looking back into some lesser seen gems of the past.

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By request for [ profile] dustbunny105, A Superhero and some kids. Also, the Geneva Convention, Turkey!

tags: char: batman/bruce wayne, title: brave and the bold, creator: jim aparo, creator: robert kanigher, publisher: dc, era: bronze age
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[ profile] mullon requested some Gordon and Non-Bat Superhero interactions.

Tags: title: brave and the bold, char: superman/clark kent, char: jim gordon, creator: mark waid, creator: scott kolins, publisher: dc, era: modern age
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With all the DCAU love going on today, I thought I'd post some scans from an issue dedicated to the most badass member of the Batfamily.

recommended tags: char: alfred pennyworth, char: batman/bruce wayne, char: batgirl/oracle/barbara gordon, char: robin/red robin/tim drake, char: robin/nightwing/dick grayson, title: gotham adventures
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"IN Brightest day, Through the blackest night, No evil shall escape my sites. Let all those who worship evil's bytes, beware my power, The Oracle's Sight!"

and for legality....

saw this today on PVP funny stuff :)

also on a couple of other boards when we used to be allowed to make sigs, i used to make them a lot, i kinda miss that, is it okay to post sigs here, so long as we follow the guidelines regarding legality?

anyways, hope i did this right... the cuts and tags and everything....
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That sound you just heard was a hammer knocking the final nail into the coffin of the 1985 Byrne post-Crisis revamp.

title: superman secret origin, creator: geoff johns, creator: gary frank, publisher: dc comics
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I bring you two solicits for X-Men First Class and Psylocke.
char: marvel girl/phoenix/jean grey, char: storm/ororo munroe, char: psylocke/betsy braddock, char: matsu'o, title: x-men: first class, title: psylocke, publisher: marvel, group: the hand,
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Published in 1992. It's quite possible this expression was used on purpose, but... Context for the weak, y'all. And this scene is so much more fun without context.

recommended tags: in-joke: context is for the weak, char: blue beetle/ted kord, title: justice league america
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Whew. Talk about a formidable organization to battle, HYDRA and SPECTRE have nothing on the Treasury Department.

First, this amusing page from the Warren black & white reprint series. From THE SPIRIT# 4, October 1974, Will Eisner interviews Commissioner Dolan with results that leave them both fuming. The Spirit's origin of course has him seemingly killed by a Mad Science serum that actually only put him in suspended animation. (I've sometimes wondered if the effects of this serum explain how the Spirit can bounce back so cheerfully from the dozens of beating and gunshots he survives over the following decade.) It's melodramatic enough, the idea that Denny Colt revives later and digs his way out of his coffin. But, as Eisner hints, there are problems with it. For one thing, a death like that would require an autopsy (which would REALLY make it difficult for Colt to wake up later). Even without an autopsy being peformed, just having his blood replaced by embalming fluid would be inconvenient.

creator: will eisner, char: the spirit


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