Sep. 25th, 2009

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No, not THOSE ropes silly... Though that IS a pleasing mental image! :)

And with Dick managing to be menacing whilst wearing the Disco!Wing suit, we now move into the story proper

And as is so often the case with these things

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Greetings people of scans_daily! Thought I could share some scans of a comic series created by an independent comic author-artist named Vince Suzukawa who does wonderful work as a gay furry artist who also did the webcomic The Class Menagerie. Well, though he's published 8 issues, he posted the first three issues on public domain, and I figured I could share a few scans about the life of a furry freshman in college coming to terms with being gay in a hilarious and deep story of crazy roommates, bartenders, and finding true friends in a comic called "I.S.O." (aka "in search of")

First off, for dial-uppers, here's the site where you can see the rest of the scans in chronological order:

I.S.O. Archives

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I also think this post fits in nicely with the "rich superheroes beat up poor criminals" debate currently going on :)

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Last issue of Enemy Ace, we met the Hunter, that great Canadian ace (eh-ce?) who flew without goggles or a cap. And if you thought that was unrealistic, well... you might wanna skip this one.

"Uh, sir? Command is okay with the medieval armor, but don't you think the ladies' undergarments are a bit much?"

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Words cannot express my love for these two pages.

Upcoming Gotham City Sirens preview can be found here:


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I'm a Twitter-er, Twittee? Twit?

Either way, I found an interesting stream of discussion from James Robinson, located Here
in regards to Alan Moore and his recent rants. It should also chime in nicely to a debate or talk that members here had.

Please adjust this post if needed, I'm chiming in from work and won't be able to see it until later.

Thanks and happy talking!

Changed up. So fer legality reasons...

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tags: title: Detective Comics, char: Batman/Bruce Wayne, char: Batgirl/Cassandra Cain, char: Oracle/Batgirl/Barbara Gordon, char: Spoiler/Robin/Batgirl/Stephanie Brown, char: Red Hood/Robin/Jason Todd, creator:Anderson Gabrych, creator: Pete Woods, creator: Cam Smith
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Since I like pouring gasoline onto a fire, here are a few pages from NIGHTWING #99, when Tarantula meets Batman. Batman doesn't know about the whole "Tarantula shot Blockbuster and Nightwing let her" part. And he is torn up over Spoiler's recent death. ("I thought he knew she wasn't really dead?" "Yeah, but he didn't know that then. Or something. Shut up.")

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i think this has probably been posted here a few times, but honestly...

this second one is one i only recently discovered. the whole issue is great, but this is

Detective comics 439 titled "Night of the Stalker," I saw it in an old cbr post and decided to post this here

Here's the cbr link

Okay now my question, i am looking for a couple of scans, one is from the first run of of (I think Land's Uncanny run) the page where Pixie comes in and takes down Empath.

the other one is a scan from an issue of X-Men i am not sure about the scene is cyclops talking to the students it goes something like this:

Cyclops: I don't know whats going to happen, we could die today, or tomorrow, or we could all live forever, like wolverine here.
WOlverine: Yay, me.

the third scan is one of Pixie and Anole during the hunt for Magick:

Anole: My arm itches.
Pixie: My soul itches.

okay thank you. :)

suggested tags: Detective comics, char: Batman/bruce wayne, Char: Superman/Clark Kent
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Yep, busted. WHIZ COMICS# 50. If he turns back, will Billy be nekkid too or will he have on that red sweater and blue pants outfit?

It's often a jolt to read old books and realize how society has changed in ways that we hardly notice anymore. Boys and girls up into their teens used to go swimming naked in the summer (not together), usually in secluded swimming holes and ponds on someone's property or in some semi-hidden bend of the river. No one thought twice about it. Kids used to shower after gym class as a routine, too, and I imagine that has been long dropped. Something happened in the late 1950s or so that made people more apprehensive than before about their children. Walking a mile or so to catch the school bus or to get home after school was normal, kids used to disappear all day on Saturday or in the summer to play, and parents trusted them not to get in too much trouble (and they didn't). At the beginning of POLLYANNA, we see a bunch of young boys jumping into the old swimming hole, bare as when they were born and that was a Disney film. Maybe that still goes on deep in the backwoods of the South or the Midwest today, but I doubt it.

era: golden age, char: captain marvel/billy batson


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