Oct. 2nd, 2009

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With the news of the whole Marvel/Disney thing getting stale and forgotten, here is a preview of the new Mickey Mouse comic, with a new, exciting storyline that has our favorite timeless cartoon mouse as a naive wizard's apprentice!!!!.... wait....

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The first tpb of Charlatan's Ball came out a month or two ago I think, but I'd had it on order since.. well, I'm not sure. But a good long while! It was a blind buy - Andy Suriano's blog shows that he can draw, so I gave his book a chance. Was it worth it? YES. This comic is fun. And Andy's work doesn't so much ape Kirby's as it does use Kirby as it's Darwinian ape ancestor (excuse my incorrect biology here; we're talking art, not science). Reading this book makes me cheerful and perfectly happy to not know where it's going. The ride is the destination, yup yup.

The story's about Chuck Amok, a rubbish stage magician with great trousers, and the adventures he and his hat-rabbit Caesar meet when the extra-dimensional Demon Empty picks him as his unwitting pawn in a huge and bizarre tournament. Enjoy!


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These days, the barrier between Karen Berger's Vertigo and Dan DiDio's DC Universe seems to be impenetrable. Characters from one side of the tracks don't pop up wandering the other, period. Every once in a while, though, someone surprising manages to sneak through.


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