Oct. 6th, 2009

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Hey, all, the Scans Daily online archive is back up, and there's no need for a password any more. Also, I've been meaning to mention this, I managed to snag a chunk of the scans from the old SD, not all, but a chunk of the 20,000+ posts. It's about 30GB, and I had to nurse the script along to make it work, so I'm not sure how to share it...but I am open to ideas.

And to make this legal, here's my favorite page from Superman/Batman #49: Not a robot? )
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I just got around to reading this place again, and remembered that once upon a time I had posted to the old scans_daily with Books of Magic scans that hey, I still have around. And there are only two Books of Magic entries, so here. (8 pages scanned, issue was longer than 22; writer John Ney Rieber and illustrator Peter Snejbjerg.)

This is the time Molly got kidnapped by the retarded pink dinosaurs. )

I only got to read up to "Girl in the Box", and my library doesn't have "Burning Girl", so I never saw for myself what happened to Molly although I do know. Does anyone have any scans? Books of Magic was my first comic and I love it. Even if no one else does B|. Also, I notice we apparently have no Gotham Central (otherwise known as CSI: Gotham) scans, so I will fix that with the time they shot Batman.
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A really sweet little story by George Perez and Jose Luis Garcia-Lopez that I read the other day and thought y'all might like.

Collected, along with many other cool stories, in the pretty Wonder Woman: Destiny Calling.


Oct. 6th, 2009 09:00 pm
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Older scans from way back in Sonic 151 )
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One of the things you can play around with when it comes to the Ben Reilly character is, he's Spider-Man. At least, he was Spider-Man for a time. But there's a moral code to him that's not as fully formed as Peter Parker's moral code. So if I were to pitch a story where you suspect Peter of killing a family, you would never buy that. You would never believe for a moment that he'd be capable of that. But with Ben Reilly, it's a distinct possibility.


So I'll just let that stand by itself and hear what you people have to say on it.

For legality...

And no, I don't know where that's from.


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